Technologies, standards and methods evolve rapidly and often become complex. Allowing teams to keep up to date with the state of the art or to supplement their expertise can be a real competitive advantage.

Placing our customers under the best conditions to succeed in their projects, enriching them and maintaining their products is one of Witekio’s values.

We believe that expertise is shared and we make our experts available to pass on our know-how. Our knowledge of the various technologies, with regard to both the world of embedded systems and IoT or connected objects, enables you to select the most appropriate training for your needs. Whether it is a case of discovering a new technology or of acquiring in-depth knowledge of a technical subject, our courses combine theory and practice in several categories: low level embedded systems (OS, firmware, etc.), application layers and connectivity for smart objects.

Our training courses enable you to:

  • Better master your project, both from a cost and a scheduling point of view
  • Start your developments on new embedded or mobile technologies hassle-free
  • Optimise the development time of your projects through rapid, comprehensive and specialised training

We offer multi-customer or dedicated training both at the customer’s site and at our facilities in France, Germany and the US. These training courses take place over 3 or 4 days and can be provided in French, English and German.

DateLocationDevelopment kitPartnerRegistrationSyllabus
September, 12-15, 2016Friedberg, Germanyi.MX6 Serie development board SABRE LITENXPRegisterAndroid logo formation
 October, 10-13, 2016 Lyon, France AM335x Starter Kit Texas Instruments Register Windows formation logo
 November, 7-10, 2016 Friedberg, Germanyi.MX6 Serie development board SABRE LITE NXP Register  Linux formation logo
 December, 5-8, 2016  Paris, Francei.MX6 Serie development board SABRE LITE  NXP  Register  Android logo formation


To learn about the contents of our various training courses, or for any other questions about customised training, please contact us.

You can also attend one of our many lectures at professional events in which we participate, please consult the News and Events section to find out when the next will be held.