PetaLinux Development for AMD/Xilinx

Production-Ready Yocto Linux, FPGA Design Customization, Board & Hardware Support.

Why choose Witekio
We know the hardware
Witekio is an official AMD Xilinx partner and understands the challenges and benefits of the hardware.
Custom Solutions
We know one size does not fit all tailor your firmware to meet your specific project requirements.
Technical Expertise
We have 21+ years experience with low-level development. We know how to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
Maintenance First
We partner beyond development, providing ongoing maintenance to ensure your device remains secure, up-to-date, and reliable over time.
We're trusted by some of the worlds leading brands:

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The Challenge with PetaLinux

While exceptional for prototyping due to its suite of tools and software components, PetaLinux presents significant challenges when transitioning from a prototype to a full production system.

Why? It lacks the comprehensive features needed for long-term deployment, such as:

  • Standard Compliance: PetaLinux is not a standard Yocto distribution, which can lead to compatibility issues in diverse environments.
  • Security Updates: No integrated solutions for long-term maintenance or security updates, essential for product support and regulatory compliance.
  • Niche Configuration: The highly customized nature of PetaLinux, particularly for Zynq platforms, makes it difficult to scale.

Witekio AMD/Xilinx Capabilities

FPGA Design Customization

  • Simple customizations, using existing IP blocks
  • Troubleshooting integration with Linux

Production-Ready Yocto Linux

  • Create and maintain production-ready Linux OS, without PetaLinux
  • Board Bootup, Security, Image Optimization, Updates, CI/CD implementation, etc.

Board & Hardware Support

  • Integrate Xilinx PL Interfaces in Linux: 
  • Camera, Display, Audio, etc.
  • PL/PS communication: 
  • MicroBlaze and Linux, AMP
  • Update mechanism for the FPGA design/bitstream

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Success stories

Avnet Xilinx ZedBoard maintenance

  • 4 years maintaining Avnet reference board BSPs
  • PetaLinux-based, improve BSP design, and reuse across hardware
  • Dual integration & driver

Medical customer #1 (confidential)

  • RealTime OS/Firmware on 2x Microblaze PL processors
  • Inter-processor communication, redundancy


Medical customer #2 (confidential)

  • Production Yocto BSP, not based on PetaLinux
  • PL support for dual-cam live video processing, MIPI-DSI display, Qt overlay
  • Linux-side integration of video & display configuration

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