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Application layers & connectivity

The upper software layers, connectivity and applications are key components of all embedded systems and connected objects. With regard to connectivity, the choice of technology and architecture must be analysed and defined very precisely, in order to enable a stable, fluid and secure operation. Furthermore, the development of multiplatform applications that offer an increasingly richer and more precise user experience is becoming the standard.

From application development to Cloud connected apps

Nowadays, connectivity is of course an essential element. The choice of technologies and protocols, the stability and scalability of connections, inter-connectivity and overall architecture are essential and must be carefully thought out and deployed. Witekio has been supporting its customers for several years with regard to these issues, making its system approach a key differentiating element.

Our teams of experts are able to integrate the main network solutions, to interconnect systems (M2M) and connect them to the main cloud solutions or private clouds and to select the market-related protocols.

The human machine interfaces have evolved towards increasingly accomplished applications. Witekio has taken this direction for several years already, historically under the name of Adeneo Embedded and Adeneo Mobility. Ergonomics and user experience (UX, UI) are major elements, as are the graphic performance, stability, execution speed, etc. The complementarity between mobile and embedded application development and their optimisation to adapt to multiple platforms are part of the advanced state of the art and make it possible to make a difference.

Through its extensive knowledge of the various software levels of embedded systems and its experience with lower level layers, Witekio has a unique touch for the performance optimisation of these applications.

Witekio is also considered to be a key expert in the development of cross-platform applications using the main current frameworks.