Connectivity: M2M and Cloud based solutions

Connectivity: Cloud & M2M

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Witekio provides the integration of your product to its environment by connecting it to the Cloud, to networks, or to other machines or products.

The importance of architecture

Witekio can support you in the design and implementation of your system's connection architecture. This must be designed precisely, because it must meet the multiple connectivity, scalability, stability and security requirements of the system. We help our clients to determine the best solutions with regard to connectivity, Cloud based solutions, the use of gateways, etc.

Finally, related issues such as the development of data and connection security solutions are included, as well as the design for a scaling of the system.

Knowing how to set up the connectivity chain of a system or object by managing all related issues, such as data agglomeration, interconnectivity, security or scaling, is becoming more complex and requires real expertise.

Multi-solutions expertise

Witekio has developed expertise on the main technologies and solutions on the market, in order to offer its customers the best options for each project.

Thus, we work with any type of connectivity, wired, wireless (BLE, Wifi, etc.), or low-speed (Lora, SigFox etc.), we know both gateway and Cloud service solutions (AWS, Azure, private Clouds, etc.).

Connectivity and Cloud based solutions

The following are the areas in which we work most often:

  • Cloud based solutions (Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, etc.)
  • Connection to private Clouds
  • M2M Connectivity
  • Data agglomeration
  • Gateway
  • Low speed solutions (Lora, SigFox, etc.)
  • Wired and wireless (BlueTooth low energy, WiFi, etc.) solutions
  • Webservers 
  • Etc.