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Are you a tech addict?

Well, you are in the right place if you want to strengthen your technical skills in IoT technologies!

We believe that code is poetry and if you are looking for a job, we might have the position you’ve always dreamt of.

If you want also to know more about us, please have a look below at the last feelings shared by our new and past leaders.

IoT is growing fast, so do we.

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Samir Bounab – Our new General Manager – Software is eating the world!

Freshly named General Manager, Samir Bounab has recently communicated about Witekio’s new strategy. Here are his words:

😱😱😱 Witekio, “an Avnet Company”, will lose his soul and disappear?
19 years with thousands of customers worldwide, a reputation ⭐️⭐️⭐️ , and unique skills to stop there?

The complete opposite! Avnet trusts us to develop our secret sauce further: industrial-grade quality code, design thinking and agility in our blood, the deep link with tech leaders (NXP SemiconductorsThe Qt CompanyMicrosoftXilinxSTMicroelectronics).

I am becoming the General Manager, a huge honour given the quality and passion of the Witekians 💪 💪

✅ Beyond the position, I would like to share my biggest challenges with you:
• Regain eagerness and ambition after a stormy year in which the Witekians brilliantly held the helm!
• Tackle the challenge of end-to-end security in product designs, a major risk for our customers!
• Provide pre-developed / validated bricks to gain 6 to 9 months in design: our “accelerators” 🤫 Stay tuned…
• Develop complete hardware + software offers with the Avnet ecosystem to make R&D life even more accessible and offer the best of make AND buy.

A nice program to take up with the brilliant managers of Witekio!

Thanks again to the Witekians, our customers, and Avnet!
#Software is eating the world”, so do we!

Yannick Chamming’s – Our Founder and past President- Edge AI is the future of IoT

🚀🚀🚀Over 19 years of Embedded Software & IoT Expertise at Witekio, and now a new chapter of an exciting adventure!🚀🚀🚀

I remember our first developments for Atmel back in 2003. Our first success as an expert in BSPs with Adeneo.

Then the “American adventure”, settling in #Seattle… With less than 10 engineers, we became a key partner of Microsoft, Freescale, NXP SemiconductorsSTMicroelectronics… Great people met and amazing business relationships built to last long… most of them I’m still collaborating with !

In 2016, with Sebastien Chaillot and Samir Bounab, we make the bet for a “Device focused” approach to #IoT and create Witekio.
Exciting “Device to cloud” projects for our customers. New stakes and challenges are blending into a new paradigm: #EdgeComputing.

Disruption is on the way, and after 19 years as Witekio leader, it is an amazing pleasure for me to join a broader adventure as Avnet’s VP Edge IoT, working with Lou Lutostanski and Mario Orlandi on the overall Avnet’s IoT strategy. I’m looking forward to leveraging my 19 years’ experience in building strategic alliances and partnerships with our key suppliers and build up the next steps of Avnet’s transformation in the market !

Let the Fun Begin!

Sebastien Chaillot – Our past CEO -Leveraging IoT Solutions

🤔Do Fortune 500 companies offer leadership opportunities to entrepreneurs?

Avnet dares it! I’m proud, as new VP Solution Strategy, to bring this entrepreneurial spirit 🤜

Congrats Avnet for daring to integrate #entrepreneurs to contribute to shape what the company will be in the future. Being able to take risks and constantly rethink what should be done is a key success factor for blue-chip companies in innovative markets.

Thanks Mario Orlandi and the board for your trust letting me design Avnet’s strategy to develop its solution-to-technology positioning globally.
The scale of this challenge is beyond what I could have imagined as an entrepreneur.
👉 Challenge accepted!

Thanks/ Merci/ Danke schon also to Witekio and all the #Witekians for the team spirit and the amazing journey together. Without our collaborative approach, this would not have been possible.

I’d like to specifically pay tribute to Witekio managers that did help me to redesign and scale Witekio:

Samir Bounab, I know you will lead Witekio to the next level

#Avnetians, let’s do this together!

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John Iversen - Growth Designer
22 March 2021