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Our Custom BSP Development expertise lets you build your embedded device on rock-solid foundations


For over two decades, Witekio has been at the forefront of BSP development.

Our seasoned engineers specialize in creating custom Linux and Android BSPs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for your embedded devices.

Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a perfectly tailored, high-performance BSP for your embedded devices.

Our Board Support Package Development will help:
🤔 Reduce Complexity
Developing a custom BSP isn't easy, requiring a deep understanding of hardware, software, and their interaction. Working out the intricacies of a custom BSP can be time-consuming and pull focus from the end product.
🤝 Ensure Compatibility
Device drivers, kernel modifications, and software libraries need to work seamlessly with each specific hardware configuration. Incompatibilities can lead to system crashes, instability, or poor performance.
🧱 Stop Bricking
Making changes to the bootloader, partitioning scheme, or kernel can introduce the risk of bricking devices if not done correctly. A failed update could render devices unusable, leading to customer dissatisfaction, and potential recalls.

We’re the BSP Experts

When it comes to BSP development, versatility is key. That’s why our BSP development is completely tool-agnostic. Whether you’re using Yocto, Buildroot, Debian, Zephyr, or other frameworks, our experts seamlessly adapt to your distribution of choice.

With over 20 years of tailor-made board support package development under our belt, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all. No matter the hardware or functionality you’re looking for, we have real-world experience to help us streamline your development.

Our BSP customization service can include:

  • Hardware Initialization
  • Device Driver development
  • Interrupt Handling
  • Clock and Timer Management
  • Power Management
  • Memory Management
  • Bootloader Integration
  • Platform-Specific Configurations
  • Error Handling and Diagnostics
  • Abstraction and Standardization



With 20+ years of experience in embedded software, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to custom-build a BSP. 20+ years bring us not only knowledge but strong partnerships with some of the leading connectivity and application tool providers in the ecosystem.


Our engineers don’t just code; they architect solutions with a holistic view of your device’s hardware ecosystem. As an Avnet company, our access to an expansive network of hardware resources elevates your BSP development and helps us ensure you get the best for your device.


We incorporate security measures into the system architecture process at every level, detecting potential weaknesses and implementing effective security techniques. Our experience in “security by design” guarantees BSP peace of mind.

Mobile Ticketing
Yocto BSP, Java expertise, GUI development, System Security, Connectivity Integration
BSP Development Solutions

Masabi, the global leader in Mobile Ticketing, sought a solution for their innovative ticket validation system used in public transit across the globe. They required BSP development, embedded Linux expertise, system security, and connectivity integration while facing tight timelines and specific software challenges.

Through our ongoing partnership, we were able meet, and ultimately exceed, Masabi's initial goals.

  • Witekio developed a custom Linux Yocto BSP to match Masabi's requirements.
  • Witekio provided connectivity integration and cryptography elements for enhanced system security.
  • Our expertise in low-level software development allowed Masabi to focus on graphical application and business logic, streamlining the project timeline.
  • The Masabi Inspect Validation Suite is now deployed across 17 transport agencies worldwide, securing ticket validation in public transit.

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