How to switch from POC to a real Industrial IoT product?

Project Background

How to switch from a POC to a real Industrial IoT product? –An Industrial leader with above 10B€ revenue shares their product journey. Customer name confidential.


IoT is an enable to the data revolution and our customer wants to be at the forefront!


Our customer, as many Fortune 500 companies, spent the last few years testing & learning about IoT thanks to different POCs, and arrived at a limit called the chasm of innovators: how to go from that enthusiastic/trial phase to real business that would convince pragmatic/ROI-based industrial decision makers.


The main obstacles experienced by the company management were: difficulty to grasp IoT and data potential, lack of embedded/IoT technical knowledge, difficulty to assess ROI, no common corporate technologies/platforms, no knowledge capitalization. Based on these observations, an internal consulting group and its IT/cybersecurity team then took the lead to move forward and accelerate transformation toward IoT and data approach internally.


Therefore, the internal consulting group partnered with Witekio and a business consultant agency, to design and build an IoT lab that would be the number 1 desk for all internal IoT projects Worldwide.  The aim is to provide several key services to all the Business Units (BUs) to improve the chance of industrialization.  This was done by offering workshops that covered skill gap, agile process, sandbox infrastructure, data strategy, network, and visibility.


Witekio acted as the external R&D team that would benchmark/select all relevant technologies, design a scalable and reliable architecture, and do custom developments to bridge the gap between customer’s infrastructures and IoT technologies.






  • A dedicated team with UX designer, Senior architect and IoT/embedded guru
  • Full integration with business consultant partners
  • 3 step approach: business unit needs exploration, 360° technological benchmark/audit, and global architecture.
  • Physical lab development with a mix of IoT technologies (Azure IoT, Thingworx, Sigfox, Lora, LoraWan, WideBand, AWS



  • UX and consulting mindset to focus first on business value and user acceptance.
  • Both extensive and deep knowledge of embedded and IoT technologies, including industrials protocols and constraints.
  • Technology and platform agnostic when selecting  the best solution based on the customer’s goals
  • High reactivity/flexibility thanks to our multi-national footprint and our flexible business model.
  • Perfect fit between customer and Witekio’s team, both passionate and hands-on!




Witekio has been for us a technological guide into the complex IoT world, allowing us to quickly ramp-up while it is not our core business. Team agnosticism, intellectual honesty, and extensive knowledge allowed us designing the optimal architecture for our IoT infrastructure based on our specificities rather than on market hype. 

Plus, Witekio team was seamlessly integrated into my project, building really quickly great trust internally with many different stakeholders. That, coupled with their hands-on mentality/capabilities, allowed to move forward really fast.

- IoT lab project leader

Key facts
  • More than 10 business cases investigated with Business Unit
  • Global IoT architecture designed
  • Physical lab built in 1 month for customer’s team to experience a set of IoT technologies and use cases
  • IoT platform being selected between best class worldwide editors
  • COMEX, SBS, and many BU General Manager engaged in that IOT transformation



Next steps:


Preparing the scale phase with a selected business unit that has substantial ROI potential thanks to IoT Witekio continues by helping to think big, act small and scale fast.




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