How to add cloud connectivity to your devices?

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The workshop aired on June 10th, 2021

You will learn how to:

» Implement different strategies to securely connect IoT Devices to cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

» Trigger real-time updates to end-users from connected device sensors

» Facilitate consumer or back office interaction with connected devices through web applications

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About the host

Fernando Medina Corey, Lead Cloud Architect at Witekio

Integrates of IoT devices with public cloud providers to leverage the scale and opportunity of cloud services

Experience deploying production applications across multiple cloud platforms and integrating devices with PKI and cloud services like Azure IoT Hub/DPS, AWS IoT Core, and many others.

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Fernando Medina Corey, Lead Cloud Architect at Witekio

Witekio’s team of experts will develop the best solutions for your connected products

Cloud services for IoT Applications

1/ Enable the latest IoT technologies in your product, from the device to the cloud

2/ Discover the scale and flexibility of cloud solutions

3/ Build connected platforms for consumers or internal stakeholders

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