Texas Instruments BeagleBoard Reference BSP

The BeagleBoard platforms series is the result of a collaborative relationship between Texas Instruments and Digi-Key. The 3 platforms of the Beagle Board series are easy to use, inexpensive and enable the features of the Texas Instruments DM3530 and DM3730 processors to be used and demonstrated.

beagleboard logoWitekio is one of the few editors in the world to offer BSPs for the entire BeagleBoard platform series. We offer Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Android software solutions for the BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black and BeagleBoard xM platforms.



  • Source BSP: Get access to the full source code and adapt the BSP to your design.

  • Binary Image: Evaluate either Linux, Android, Windows Embedded or QNX on your design with ready to use binary image. BSPs requiring a license fee are also available for 20 day free evaluation (under NDA)

Download restrictions

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BSPs marked as “FREE” are directly downloadable. For those with a License fee, you will be asked to agree to a Software Licence Agreement (SLA).
If you are interested in evaluating for free during 20 days BSPs with a License fee, you have to:

  • Download the NDA

  • Fill in the blanks and sign the document

  • Send the document back to our sales team

OS available

  • android

  • windows


BSP Version Price Download
BeagleBoneBlack_Android_SRC Android Marshmallow Contact our sales teams
BeagleBoneBlack_Android_BIN Android Marshmallow Free
BeagleBoneBlack_Android_IMG Android KitKat Free


New features in this release (1.3.1) December 2016

  • Upgraded to Android Marshmallow
  • Upgraded to Linux kernel 4.1

Improvements in 1.3.1 Release:

  • Improve graphical performances
  • Update Android marshmallow to 6.0.1_r74

Fixed issue in 1.3.1 Release:

  • Flashing script doesn’t work with sfdisk version > 2.25.0

What’s not supported

  • eMMC support

Software components supported 

Features Status Comments
µSD, UART, Ethernet Yes  
HDMI display Yes  
Developer Guide – Release Note – Manifest Yes  
Features Status Comments
Android Marshallow 6.0 release from Google Yes  
Android Linux Kernel 4.1 Yes  
Android GCC toolchain 4.9 Yes  
Bootloader (SPL and U-Boot) Yes  
SGX OpenGL ES Driver & Libraries DDK v1.10 Yes  
Built-in Applications and Demos   Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music, Search


BSP Version Price Download
BeagleBoneBlack_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales teams
BeagleBone_WEC7_IMG WEC7 Free
BeagleBone_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales teams
BeagleBone-xM_WEC7_IMG WEC7 Free
BeagleBone-xM_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales teams

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