Device Driver Development

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We know how important device drivers are in guaranteeing the smooth running of embedded systems.

For over two decades, our skilled engineering team has supplied custom-built, high-quality, driver development solutions for a wide range of hardware and software requirements.

From driver development through porting, optimization, and migration, we're here to save you time, money, and the headache of managing low level development in-house.

Streamline your Device Driver Development:
💰 Save
Developing custom drivers in-house can be time-consuming and resource rich. Outsourcing to a software services expert can save you money, resources, and boost your time-to-market.
🧨 Reduce Risks
Our team of embedded experts can bring their knowledge of hundreds of use-case projects to the table and outline where your project pitfalls are from day one.
💋 Ensure Compatibility
From hardware to firmware and operating systems - the many possible platforms and components you have will increase the complexity of that perfect compatibility match.

What Does Our Driver Software Service Include?

The complexity and time-consuming nature of driver development is always a pain point for our partners.

That and the vast knowledge of low-level programming, and various operating systems it takes to successfully create a driver that seamlessly integrates with your hardware.

Our skilled team of engineers code custom device drivers designed for your specific hardware and OS needs. We enable smooth communication and control over your hardware’s functionalities and can help you with:

  • Driver Hardware Interaction
  • Low-Level Programming
  • Operating System tailoring
  • Driver Architecture
  • Memory Management
  • Driver Debugging and Testing
  • Driver Portability
  • Software Security


Extensive Driver Experience

Witekio is a trusted partner with over 20 years of expertise in embedded software and system architecture. We produce dependable and creative solutions because we have a thorough awareness of industry best practices and developing technology.

Customization is key

We excel in driver creation by thoroughly analyzing each client’s specific requirements, allowing us to produce customized solutions that exactly meet their device’s demands, resulting in highly optimized, dependable, and efficient drivers.

Security by Design

We incorporate security measures into the system architecture process at every level, detecting potential weaknesses and implementing effective security techniques. Our experience in “security by design” guarantees that your embedded device is secured against attacks, sensitive data is safeguarded, and industry requirements are met.

GPS Devices
Driver Development, Power Optimization, USB and Screen support
Our Driver Development in Action

Satmap were looking for support with their updated rugged outdoor and sports GPS device, Active 20. With the launch of the Active 20, Satmap wished to improve the battery life and low light performance to provide increased satisfaction to their users.

With extensive Windows Embedded Compact expertise and a proven track record of system level optimization for mobile devices, Witekio was the ideal partner.

  • Witekio provided significant display backlight driver optimization
  • Low-level software development on Windows Embedded Compact 2013
  • We also helped optimize all drivers' power management
  • Witekio reconfigured the USB Mass Storage mode to improve reliability and support Mac devices

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