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Our Software Factory is the structured collection of software and methodologies that help our team produce software applications and components for your projects. It’s a commitment to professional, world’s best practice software development and a key strategy we use to assure quality software development.

Our Software Factory is a long-term commitment to enhancing software operations by switching from an artisanal, project-by-project method to an industrial production process. It inspires confidence in our clients and helps us, as an embedded solution provider, to deliver on more than 200 smart, connected, embedded, and IoT projects every single year.

At Witekio our software factory represents an established and proven way to ensure that every line of code that leaves our walls is as good as it can be. We work faster, smarter, and use techniques and methods that we know deliver the best outcomes for you.

Software factory core principles

software factory core principales

Our Software factory is at your service

Our Software Factory is the secret to your success

Hitachi was the first company in the world to mount a software factory in 1969. A software factory boom soon followed in Japan, as NEC, Toshiba, and Fujitsu launched their own software factories during the 1970s and 1980s. By the 1990s the concept had arrived in Europe and today this industrialization of software development is standard for the leading agile development software houses.

Resolving the 70/30 Problem

Technique and tools are only 30% of a development project. A full and far larger 70% comes down to processes, culture, and how humans interact with their tools and methods. As the first of the values in the Agile Manifesto states: individuals and interactions over processes and tools. In our digital Software Factory, we combine cutting-edge techniques and tools with a proven process and culture to deliver market-leading software every time.


Software Has Already Eaten the World

A modern agile Software Factory offers an opportunity to rapidly build and deliver software experiences. It helps you adapt your company and business strategy to this new world where software rules. The principles on which our Software Factory is built combine to allow us to deliver continuous improvements and customer-focused innovation. It is the key to our success and the longevity of your business.

A Factory Founded on Three Core Principles

Witekio’s Software Factory is founded on three principles that represent the base from which all of our processes and methodologies emerge.


To quickly increase value with the greatest levels of efficiency and the minimum overhead, you need to change how you build software.

Our Software Factory is entirely agile and adopts as its motto Eric S. Raymond’s famed citation from The Cathedral and The Bazaar: Release early, release often. Our teams consistently iterate and optimize, then iterate again. There’s always a launch but there’s no big bang; our Software Factory’s agility guarantees every version of your software is a step forward from the last, not a generational leap every two years.

You need highly adaptable methodologies because long release cycles with rigid waterfalls and big-bang integration just cannot deliver the velocity you need to thrive.


Our Software Factory does more than just deliver better, faster, and cheaper software. It also delivers an organizational culture that is committed to the customer and producing world-class software for them.

We understand that producing and delivering continuously and at scale is very different from managing application upgrades once or twice a year. You need strong collaboration between the people building and the people operating your software experience. This means silos between departments must be broken down, goals should be shared and understood by the entire team across all units of your organization. At Witekio, this sort of culture is deeply ingrained in our development and design DNA



Automation is a key success factor in our Software Factory as well as a reason for you to invest your confidence and commit your project to us.

Moving fast and delivering innovation at speed demands that our Software Factory is highly automated. Automation offers significant advantages to our developers and your company, too: it reduces errors in manual processes, it takes care of the least important and redundant steps of a development process that, nonetheless, can suck up time and money, and it frees up our expert developers to focus on the parts of the project that add the most value to you. It’s about feedback and optimizing key metrics to continuously improve the quality of our service without the risk of over-engineering.

Our Software Factory – agile, automated, and with a distinct organizational culture – is committed to designing, developing delivering, and deploying the software you need faster and at a lower cost than comparable software development companies.

It’s the reason why we are able to serve hundreds of clients annually and offer them the standard of service, quality assurance, performance, and security that we have become famous for after nearly two decades of work.

The Software Factory at Witekio is a key differentiator for our business and an enormous added value for your team and your projects. Thanks to our Software Factory we are able to move faster, with more agility, with more confidence, and deliver better software to you and, through you, to your customers. Quick versioning and a culture that rewards moving fast and building things.


Trust our Software Factory to bring to your smart, connected, or IoT device the sort of best-practice software development processes and methodologies that will set you up for a successful launch and prepare you to scale. Whether a one-off product or an entire industrial-scale network, our Software Factory can handle it all.

UX Design: Our User-Centric Approach

Our clients appreciate that our IoT UX design processes prepare them for success and align them with their customer’s expectations. They benefit from our technology consulting to make better choices, broaden their range of options, and consider architectures that less-experienced teams might never suggest. Our solid development sprint plans and software delivery deadlines inspire confidence and mean you can plan with certainty for your launch day safe in the knowledge that Witekio will deliver.

Witekio Training: Learn About Embedded Software from Our Experts

Whether it is discovering a new technology or deepening your knowledge in a cutting-edge technical domain, our courses combine theory and practice to help you level up your skillset. Popular courses include deep dives into low-level embedded systems (OS, firmware), application layers, and connectivity for smart objects.

Our engineers are experienced in transmitting their knowledge of software to small and large groups, and take care to ensure that every student in every course is satisfied with their learning experience.