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Safety, security and development challenges for Electric Vehicles

Whether you’re looking for help with the security of your vehicle, the connectivity, or optimisation of battery life – embedded software will have a huge part in the process. So bringing an embedded software partner in as soon as you can is therefore vital.

At Witekio, we work as an On-Demand IoT Software Partner, meaning you get access to over 180+ engineers to fill your skillset gap. We bring the right people, with the right talents, to the table – whatever your project or needs.

From automotive fast charging stations to electric scooter battery platforms, Witekio has the know-how to help get your end-user where they need, with the experience they expect, seamlessly and securely.

Our expertise in action

, the electric scooter subscription service, had a great product idea – they knew it. They just didn’t know how to get it working smoothly.🛵

Enter ⚡ Witekio ⚡

With our help, Zeway was able to launch its electric scooter subscription service on time and to their requirements. ✔

We helped increase the robustness of the software for the Zeway battery swapping stations and cloud platform, as well as look at future software possibilities.

Our hard work and handover not only helped reduce operational costs but enabled the company to regain ownership of its software from a previous partner. 🙌

Vehicle Charging Interface Demonstration

Working on our FullMetalUpdate (a fully integrated open-source OTA update solution for embedded devices) we created an electric charging interface running on STM32MP1.

We’re experts in GUI development and have long-standing partnerships with framework providers such as Qt or Flutter.

We can also help you deploy Over The Air updates securely, using custom code, or tools from partners such as Mender.io.

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