Long-lasting Yocto platforms on i.MX8

Recorded live at NXP Connects 23


Find out what you need to know to 🐧 build, 🔒secure & ⚡maintain an i.MX8 device.

Find out more about key topics such as software and hardware considerations, system optimization, security considerations, platforming, long-term maintenance and much more.

If you're looking to bring a device to market using NXP hardware and a Yocto Distribution - this is the video for you.

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💡 What you will learn:

  • i.MX hardware considerations for your software
  • How to get your i.MX project started
  • Use Case Architecture
  • How to Optimize your System
  • Secure Boot and Application considerations
  • How to make your device dependable and long-lasting




🤔 Who should attend:

  • Research and Development (R&D) Managers: who want to gain insights into i.MX hardware considerations and learn how to optimize embedded systems.
  • Engineers: Both software and hardware engineers who want to understand i.MX use case architecture, system optimization, secure boot, and application considerations.
  • Product Managers: To learn how to make devices dependable and long-lasting so they stay securely in the market for longer.


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