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At the heart of Witekio's approach to GUI development is our commitment to elevating user experiences and so empowering your device to stand out in a growing market.

Our seasoned engineers excel in crafting intuitive, visually appealing, and responsive graphical interfaces that captivate users across a wide range of embedded systems and IoT devices.

Whether it's a touchscreen-enabled coffee machine, a connected medical device, or an industrial IoT dashboard, our expertise in GUI design ensures that each device engages users effortlessly.

We Can Help With:
🛠User Experience
Getting the right look and feel to your GUI helps facilitate free-flowing interaction and reliability. Our user-centric approach and team of experienced engineers use every tool available to craft the perfect GUI for your device.
🎙Hardware Compatibility
Neglecting to ensure proper hardware compatibility might result in sluggish performance, graphical glitches, or even system crashes, leading to a subpar user experience and potential device failures.
😊 Consistency
Disregarding cross-platform consistency may result in disjointed user experiences, confusion, and reduced user trust, as users encounter varying interfaces across different platforms.

We Work With Your Preferred Tools

Our engineers are tool-agnostic. This means we always choose the best fit for your project, without being tied to any particular toolset. Our experience enables us to harness the power of leading GUI frameworks like Qt, Flutter, and GTK to enhance user experiences.

We take a user-first approach to GUI design, resulting in seamless software integration and harmonious operation across a spectrum of IoT devices.

Regardless of whether your GUI platform is rooted in an existing OS or requires architecting from scratch, our comprehensive GUI development services have you covered.

Witekio recognizes the value of efficient development, so we promote a code-reuse mindset from the outset. This platforming approach helps streamline future developments and can also enhance your product’s long-term brand identity.



Our security-first approach means your device will be hardened against exploits and vulnerabilities from the ground up. For Witekio, security is a core requirement, not an afterthought.


Our team of skilled engineers possesses in-depth knowledge of GUI development. Whether you are working on a single device or a large-scale deployment, our solutions can adapt to your needs.

20+ Years Experience

With more than two decades of experience developing embedded software and user interfaces, we are able to draw upon a wealth of working knowledge when developing your GUI.

Home Appliances
GUI, IoT Connectivity, OTA Updates, Security
Our GUI work in action - Philips

Philips needed advanced UI development and connectivity for a new range of Saeco connected coffee machines. The Xelsis models had to go to market in under two years, work seamlessly as a luxury home appliance should, and offer a next-generation experience for users.

What does this mean for tech? Over-the-air updates for evolving features, personalization settings, a lightning-fast touchscreen/UI and more.

  • Taking the home coffee machine market from MCU to MPU. A complete, connected home coffee experience, with an advanced UI and a smartphone look and feel
  • Using a platforming approach to create custom software for four models in the product range, while ensuring they all meet the same standards and optimize development costs
  • Ensuring regionalization for launch - handling different languages and recipe lists, which differ from region to region.
  • Working with Philips' product development methodology to meet the organizations quality standards, user centric approach and allow for improvement during development

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