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We’re an embedded solution provider. We don’t measure success in the dollars we earn or the logos on our website. We don’t adopt complex formulas that track efficiency per employee and how many lines of code get written for every development hour that gets worked.

Our metric is far simpler than that: did we help our customer to succeed?

Our passion for your projects and our capacity to consistently deliver world-class embedded, connected, and IoT software helps us to help you succeed. Combine our unique software skillset, our knowledge of hardware and technology, our human centric approach to product/market fit, our workshops and training sessions transferring knowledge from our team to your team, and our software factory driving high-quality and on-time delivery, and you find the perfect conditions for a software win.

And when you win, we win – it really is that simple.

Our most successful relationships are our collaborations with clients.

We’ve been working with leading companies as an embedded solution provider in a variety of industry on thousands of projects over the last two decades. No matter whether it is a consumer wearable, a mobile industrial tablet, a heavy-duty vehicle, an implanted medical device, a vending machine, or any other device, we’ve built a track record of excellence and delivering above and beyond customer expectations.

When you work with Witekio you are choosing to work with a team that is committed not just to getting the work done but to delivering a project that is ready to power a growing market share.

Ensuring Success with Our Software Development Platform Powerhouse

Witekio provides a software development platform powerhouse built to accelerate your innovation and push your technology to market faster and with more confidence. Within this powerhouse are three core elements that help speed up your development, upskill your teams, and improve your user experience.

UX Design

We have built a three-pillar approach to UX design software that ensures your innovation is successfully launched, fully supported, and ready to scale. It starts with our Human Centric Approach, a process by which our teams first understand the business impact you seek, explore your customer journeys, prototype an MVP, then design a system architecture to connect your technology with your end user and their goals. We continue with customized Technology Consulting to ensure you select the right technologies to support your strategy, and then add Architecture and Auditing to assure stability, security, and scale always remain part of your plan.

Software Factory

Witekio’s Software Factory is founded on three principles that represent the base from which all of our processes and methodologies emerge. It starts with Agility, a way of working that rapidly scales value with efficiency and minimal cost. The agile method also aligns perfectly with our development Culture. Founded on collaboration between the people building, operating, and owning your software, our culture of continuous improvement enables you to generate value while delivering for your customers. Finally, there is Automation, a means of accelerating and delivering innovation at speed.


All of these principles are combined with our unique understanding of software and experience in hardware, BSPs, drivers and firmware, our understanding of different operating systems and communication protocols, cloud connectivity, and device, desktop, and mobile applications. This helps our Software Factory to get your technology to market faster and helps your customers realize value quicker, too.

Software Training and Workshops

One of the responsibilities our team of world-class engineers takes most seriously is sharing their knowledge with other developers. This not only evidences the deep knowledge of our teams but helps lift the skill level of your teams and keeps them informed about the cutting-edge project management, UX design, user interface best practices, and all other parts of the IoT and connected device world. Our teams offer a variety of IoT and embedded software training including those focused on operating systems (Embedded Android Fundamentals, Embedded Linux, and WEC 2013 OS) and mobile platforms (Qt Widgets, QT QML – Widgets and QtQuick, and Android Applications).

All workshops are between one and three days long, with five-day options available for deeper dives into software solutions, and all can be customized and configured to meet your specific demands and constraints. We help empower your teams by leveraging the knowledge of our own.

Witekio succeeds when you succeed.

Our skills, processes, and methods have been built from the ground up to help get you to market faster and more confident that your innovation will find users and scale. Whether it is our human-centric design process, our development, design, and architecture software factory, or the software training sessions that allow our teams to upskill your teams, we are committed to positioning you and your technology at the front of the pack.

Our engineer, designers, developers, architects, and project managers are committed to delivering their best software as well as empowering your teams to deliver their best work, too. Just as you keep the customer at the center of your plans, customers like you are always at the center of our work as an embedded solution provider. Building success, efficiency, and scale is what we do so that you can lift your own productivity and grow according to your strategy.

Long-Term Hardware Connections that Count

Over nearly twenty years we have developed close relationships with key players producing hardware across the industry. Companies like NXP, Renesas, Advantech, and Lacroix Electronics are all counted among Witekio’s partners and the close relationships that have been forged over hundreds of projects provide a key differentiator for us. These relationships mean that we can develop deep knowledge of the most common hardware modules and get early access to new and cutting-edge hardware products, too. This knowledge and access is then passed on to clients like you and helps to fuel the success of your projects.

The Agility of a Startup, The Advantages of a Group

We’re proud of our startup roots and the agility that comes from adopting a startup’s perspective to challenges and customer projects. But we’re also proud to be a part of the Avnet Group, a leading global company that offers significant advantages to our team and your projects. Thanks to our alignment with Avnet, we have access to hardware and consulting resources, intra-group collaboration on projects, design and development resources, and cloud expertise that expands our capacity to serve you and deliver added value to your teams and projects. It’s the perfect combination of small and agile and large and powerful, and it works for you.