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Innovative Advantage: Inflight entertainment: Integration of Hi-Def Media

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Project Background

Innovative Advantage is an American company specialized in high-bandwidth network systems capable of carrying high definition audiovisual content for the avionic market.

In collaboration with Innovative Advantage, Witekio participated in the development of a brand new high-performing HD audio/video distribution system for aircrafts. The overall solution is based on the Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor running Android Jelly Bean. Innovative Advantage’s solution is coupled with an application, allowing enhanced user experience and high audio/video streaming quality. Innovative Advantage’s solution represents one of the top of the market entertainment equipment for private airplanes.

Our worldwide recognized embedded and software expertise coupled with our in-depth proficiency of software integration on Texas Instruments processor families, allowed us to be selected as the preferred embedded partner for this project.


In regards to embedded low level development, we provided Android Jelly Bean support and development eventually fully supporting an on-board application. Integration of third party components onto existing systems represents one of our main areas of expertise. In terms of Android development, we seamlessly provided media framework debugging as well as custom Android system server development.

Our deep understanding of the Android architecture on OMAP4 allowed us to drastically improve the multimedia experience of Innovative Advantage’s solution. We delivered a ready to use board bring up of a custom board enabling multiple I/O (S/PDIF, HDMI, RCA, Analog I/O) for video. Along with the support of the application, Witekio handled the integration of the DRM protected files playback.


  • From ideas to low level development
  • Seamless third party component integration thanks to our understanding of multiple system software layers
  • Product reliability and multimedia performance enhancement
Working on an embedded entertainment system for private airplanes was a challenging and very interesting project. We closely worked together with Innovative Advantage’s team to develop and optimize a powerful and reliable product allowing enhanced user experience and high quality video streaming, providing latest movies and TV shows onto airplane seats. Jean-Baptiste Théou - Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Key facts

  • Low level development with Android Jelly Bean
  • Third party integration of an application
  • Multimedia with Audio, Analog/Digital handling

Innovative Advantage, Inc. manufactures a leading edge, high-bandwidth network system (patent-pending) capable of carrying high definition audio-visual content along with Gigabit Ethernet