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Project Background

Wearables have rapidly become one on the most booming areas of consumer electronics. As a global leader in technologies for low power and smart connected devices, Microchip has developed a wearable solution. The idea of this prototype design is to jumpstart product plans and to help wearable OEMs offer innovate, reliable  and faster solutions on the market. Microchip Smart Badge Demonstrator combines a unique range of embedded, wireless, touch and sensor technologies to create a turnkey system solution.  The solution uses a 3.5’’ display  along with an Microchip | SMART ARM® Cortex®-A5 microprocessor (SAMA5D3), a Microchip Sensor hub processor (SAM G54), Microchip MaXTouch® technology (MXT112)  and Microchip SmartConnect WIFI/BLE connectivity (WILC3000).


As a Microchip partner on the Smart Badge Demonstrator, Witekio provided its expertise on the different software layers of this solution. In regard to embedded development Witekio has ported Android KitKat on Microchip | SMART ARM® Cortex®-A5 microprocessor (SAMA5D3), along with BSP adaptations and Microchip SAMG54 sensor integration. In addition to the embedded solution, Witekio developed many Android applications such as Compass, Gyroscope, Watch, Spirit Level, Slide Show, Temperature, Humidity, Ring my Mobile/My Badge and Battery Gauge app, each of which integrate mobile-to-wearable wireless communication through Bluetooth™ Low Energy. Our deep expertise in wireless communication protocols allowed us to deploy information synchronization in real time between Microchip Smart Badge and any Android smartphone.


  • A complete system software integration service
  • Efficient engineering collaboration between Microchip and Witekio
  • High level development with various Android applications
  • Seamless wireless communication
Witekio and Microchip® have been collaborating for more than 10 years to help embedded device manufacturers successfully bring to market smart, connected and multimedia embedded devices based on ARM architecture with Android, Linux or Windows Embedded technologies. With the collaboration on this new solution based on Android with Microchip SAMA5® and SmartConnect® technologies, Witekio and Microchip® allow wearable device manufacturers to improve time to market and development costs of smart objects for the IoT market Anthony Pellerin - Director of Technology

Key facts

  • Application (Compass, Battery Gauge, Gyroscope…)
  • Information synchronization in real time
  • Spirit level working with Sensor Fusion (SAMG54)
  • Android KitKat porting and customization
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile App