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Innov8: A Full Scalable Inflight Software System

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Project Background

Innov8’s inflight entertainment system, a step further for passenger’s user experience

How to develop an adaptable and scalable inflight entertainment system for an entire fleet of global private jets with minimal to no modifications to the plane? Innov8, an American leading manufacturer of aerospace solutions, shares its project success journey.

Connectivity is everywhere. The growth in connectivity and the Internet of Things is forecasted to be huge, with more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020.This revolution has started a few years ago with the emergence of increasingly sophisticated multimedia equipment, aimed at providing ever more immersive and innovative user experience.

Innov8 spent the last few years exploring opportunities within this trend and summarized their findings with the following question: How to seamlessly adapt and upgrade my Inflight control and inflight entertainment system in a scalable, adaptable and affordable way, while granting passengers a new modern and connected way of traveling?

Innov8 main challenge was to grasp the common and enormous potential of devices interconnectivity and the growing passenger demand for an immersive and innovative inflight user experience

Scalable inflight entertainment system: Deployment across multiple aircrafts

In 2018, Innov8 was seeking a single contact able to modernize their overall inflight entertainment system from start to finish. They came across Witekio and both companies started out an intense 1-year journey. The aim of this collaboration was to generate the next generation of Innov8 inflight infotainment systems, to be scalable, very highly adaptable and quickly customizable based on the target plan and environment, while providing more features and a new modern user experience for passengers.

Witekio acted as one of the external software co-pilot who understood Innov8’s complex hardware requirements and converted them in a homogenous system, easy to maintain and to expand among multiple heterogeneous hardware platforms and operating systems. Along the way Witekio juggled with various embedded operating systems such as FreeRTOS and Linux, and developed an immersive and innovative HMI with the use of Qt technology.


  • Physical integration of this new scalable adaptable inflight entertainment system within private aircrafts
  • A dedicated team with a Senior Software Architect, embedded guru and HMI designer!
  • Secured system update mechanism
  • Connectivity support – BLE and Wi-Fi
  • Configurable and scalable Application, for multiple aircraft types
  • Validating and debugging hardware issues and reviews
  • Development of embedded software on hardware displays
  • Custom Board Support Package development supporting the different hardware displays
In a fast-paced work environment, our technical expertise and business understanding were key to work closely with Innov8. Together, we were able to rapidly identify potential risks and adapt our software work to deliver the best value.” Adrien Leravat, Embedded Software Architect at Witekio


  • Perfect integration with Innov8 team: operational synergy between internal development team, both software teams were passionate and experts.
  • Insurance of choosing the best technologies based on market expectations and technological trends, relying on Witekio agnosticism and experience
  • Optimized user experience for passengers thanks to UX mindset and software consulting approach
  • Strong technological support thanks to extensive and deep knowledge on embedded, HMI and connectivity technologies, including aircrafts constraints and requirements
To really achieve our overall goals that this market has been asking for a solution for many years, we needed very capable partners, of which one was Witekio and their very talented resources. We combined their expertise with other strategic partners to produce a solution with technologies that aren’t offered today but also forward-looking to those that are needed in the coming years that this solution offers now thanks to our partner’s expertise” Jason Danforth - Operational & Customer Excellence Leader / Partner - Innov8 Cabin Solutions

Key facts

  • Deployment of the system within multiple private aircrafts
  • Global IoT architecture designed
  • A homogeneous system crafted between the different equipment allowing development time saving.

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