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Project Background

After maintaining for several years Android BSPs targeting Sitara processors through the Rowboat project, Texas Instruments made the decision to fully externalize Android BSP development for the Sitara-based platforms.

For their OS and BSP porting, they chose Witekio, a long-term platinum partner with an extensive Android experience on Jacinto and DaVinci platforms.

Witekio’s main mission is to grant developers with ready-to-use software solutions, combining both Sitara platforms performance assets and Android Marshmallow- Lollipop cutting edge features.

As latest development, Witekio handles the new versions of Android BSP for Texas Instruments AM437x and AM57x platforms These Android Lollipop and Marshmallow BSP were achieved by updating the latest Texas Instruments Android JellyBean BSP version with the newest Android versions provided by Google.


Witekio is the first in the market to propose both AM437x Android Marshmallow and AM57x Android Lollipop BSPs. Both BSPs combine connectivity features (such as Bluetooth support) and Wi-Fi, through the integration of Texas Instruments WiLink™8 combo connectivity solution.

Along with the BSPs, each software solution includes a comprehensive document that allows developers to quickly benefit from all Witekio’s Android expertise and shorten their development time. As a final step to leverage Witekio software expertise, every Android-related projects based Sitara processor represents an opportunity for Witekio to improve its Android Sitara BSP.

Witekio’s respective AM57x Android Lollipop and AM437x Android Marshmallow BSPs are now available on Witekio’s website and are already used in several markets, such as the Handheld, Automotive, Industry, Medical and Connected Objects.

Being the official editor of Android BSP for Texas Instrument Sitara platforms represents a challenging and motivating project. As most of embedded projects are based on Sitara processors, Witekio’s team is keen on building Android cutting-edge and innovative applications. To be in order to propose such solutions, Witekio experts keep searching and integrating top of the market software solutions such as WiLink 8 connectivity solution or video acceleration based SGX technology into their Android reference BSP.” Mathieu Briand : Sr Embedded Software Engineer


  • Productivity without delay thanks to a deep understanding of the company’s products and processes as a Platinum member for years
  • Highly reliable BSP based on our Android proficiency
  • Efficient BSP development thanks to the commitment of our worldwide experts’ team
  • Cutting-edge board support package through continuous maintenance and optimization
  • Great adaptability thanks to Witekio’s ability to optimize performances and integrate other technologies like Qt.
Witekio has been a partner of Texas Instruments for years. This partnership is still growing, as proves the transfer of BSP development to Witekio and the launch of these new Android BSPs. Our 15 years of experience in developing low level software solutions for our customers and our proficiency in the latest Android versions, Lollipop and Marshmallow, allows us to accompany manufacturers in releasing the new generations of embedded devices in the shortest time to market. Anthony Pellerin - Account Manager at Witekio

Key facts

They used our solutions

As TI Sitara AM437x and AM57x platforms combine high performances and versatility, these 2 solutions are considered as referenced hardware platforms for embedded development and are used in the industrial, handheld, medical or automotive markets. Witekio offers both ready-to-use source code Android Kitkat, Marshmallow and Lollipop BSP as well as custom development services. Since the official release of these Android BSP, more than 20 customers already benefited from our Android software expertise.

Witekio offers both ready-to-use source code Android Kitkat, Marshmallow and Lollipop BSP as well as custom development services. Since the official release of these Android BSP, more than 20 customers already benefited from our Android software expertise.

Some customers downloaded our ready-to-use Android BSPs  :

  • Distech Controls for an Energy Management solution dedicated to the industrial market
  • Hytera for a Handheld wireless communication device
  • Edan for on their latest medical equipment
  • Zheijiang Union for a brand new money counter/sorter device

Some more complex projects required our expertise in Android BSP porting and adaptation as well as our proficiency on vertical markets’ specific requirements

  • Datalogic: the latest handheld rugged DL-Axist barcodes scanner PDA based OMAP4. From Android porting, hardware integration with Linux to Android SK add-on improvement, Android HAL and global device performances optimization.
  • Rufus Cuff: an advanced wearable compromise between a smartwatch and a smartphone based TI AM437x running Android KitKat. Witekio brought in depth Android KitKat and Linux low level development and an optimized power management system.
  • Innovative Advantage: project related to an audio & video distribution system for aircraft. Witekio brought extended Android low level development coupled with global product reliability and multimedia enhancement while meeting specific avionic market requirement.