About Witekio

About Witekio

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Witekio is a Software System Integrator, a software technical expert with a system approach, dedicated to assisting manufacturers in meeting the software challenges of the embedded system and connected object markets. As a software integration system specialist, Witekio masters the development and integration of all software layers, from hardware to the Cloud.

Witekio, from technical expert to System Software Integrator

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Witekio, is one of the pioneers in smart or communicating embedded systems. The company and its teams were soon considered world experts and have worked on hundreds of projects on an international level.

This profound knowledge of smart embedded systems, their software architectures and ambitious project contexts, today enables Witekio to play a leading role in the global software integration of connected systems. Its rare mastery of lower layers and hardware compatibility, which is essential for high-performance systems, coupled with its expertise in applications and interconnectivity, are a great asset to meet the challenges of today’s connected systems.

The passion of our teams for their trade, combined with their expertise, flexibility and commitment, are Witekio’s prime asset

Our value contribution convictions

We are convinced that the integration quality of the various technologies and various software layers, from the hardware to the Cloud, is becoming the main key success factor for connected/embedded projects.

  • Systems and ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected
  • The technologies and standards are changing more quickly and more drastically
  • More experts, types of players and interactions are involved in each connected project
  • The "time to market" is becoming increasingly shorter and quick and easy solutions are expected

Witekio is committed to its customers and participates in the success of their projects:

  • Technological and integration challenge management, thanks to our expertise
  • Project efficiency maximisation thanks to our methods, our teams of experts and our agility
  • Reduced project risk and speeding up time-to-market

 International presence and renowned expertise

Our international presence, with facilities in France, Germany, UK, the USA and Taiwan, enables us to have a local presence to promote responsiveness and efficiency, while maintaining a comprehensive approach. Furthermore, this is also an asset to easily work on international and multiparty projects..

Our experience and expertise in the industrial, automotive, medical and portable device field is recognised worldwide, both by our customers and by the embedded system and connected object ecosystem.