Exploring the Top IoT Trends for 2023

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As Internet of Things Software experts, we thought we’d put our knowledge to the test and talk about the upcoming IoT Trends in 2023.

We’ll cover everything from key IoT tech to adopt, to the sectors we think connectivity will benefit the most.


This subject isn’t new to us – in fact, you can see what Witekio’s top management had to say on the next 20 years of tech in our anniversary video. 👈

And much like our CEO Samir Bounab points out – a lot of the upcoming IoT hype will be more about seeing the potential of the past few years become a reality.

2023 IoT Trends: What to Expect

  • 5G Roll-out and IoT

Thanks to 5G becoming available across the world, IoT will be more possible than ever. Why? Because 5G will enable faster data transmission, lower latency, and most importantly more bandwidth for more devices.

  • Edge computing  

If there will be an estimated 20 billion connected devices by 2023, Edge computing will be more relevant than ever. With that much demand for instant connectivity, enabling data to be processed closer to the source will help decrease latency for users and boost security.

  • Talking of IoT security…

Threats will become more advanced and more common as you up your connected devices in the market.

Ensuring you have strong cybersecurity processes and a development team in place will be vital. Expect more regulations and certifications ahead. 😱

  • AI & ML

As if we haven’t already heard enough about AI since the launch of ChatGPT! 

But it’s true – the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used increasingly to analyze data and complete low-level tasks to save time and resources. 

Need help with your IoT product?

What sectors will be affected the most by IoT? 

Based on the IoT embedded development work that we are doing more and more of, our top three IoT predictions are:

1. Industrial – businesses in manufacturing, shipping or producing products will see a huge boost from the adoption of IoT tech. IoT Cloud Computing will help improve efficiency, increase automation and reduce labour costs in certain areas.

2. Medical sectors such as healthcare services, medical devices and equipment are obvious choices to embrace connectivity (ensuring the correct security measures are in place) as it will enable the rise of remote monitoring to combat medical care costs and availability. As well as the life-changing opportunities smart medical devices will bring to patients.  

3. The development of autonomous vehicles. Drones, robots, shuttles, cars. Autonomous vehicles will rely on IoT to function and if rolled out effectively, will offer round-the-clock services to fulfil public demand (see Amazon delivery drones). 

Tech you need to adopt to grasp the IoT trend

In order to take advantage of the many benefits IoT can offer you and your product range, we suggest you (and your team) look into the blow ASAP.

  • We talked about Edge computing, but what about Cloud computing? An IoT device will generate huge amounts of data over its lifetime which needs to be securely stored – but also analyzed. Why connect something if you’re not looking at what that connectivity is telling you? 

Cloud computing will help you process your data into insight.

  • If you’ve decided to bring an IoT product to market or have a fleet of IoT devices how will you manage them?

A Device Management tool will help simplify the connectivity process and ensure you have control over access to your device and more.

  • IoT devices need to communicate with each other and with the cloud to function. These Communication protocols explain how data should be packaged, stored and transmitted.

Common protocols used in IoT include MQTT, CoAP, and HTTPS.

  • IoT devices need to be able to communicate over long distances, and low-power LPWAN technologies like LoRaWAN and Sigfox will help connect devices.
  • Edge computing, AI, ML, and IoT Security as above.


Whatever the outcome of the IoT future boom for 2023, embedded software expertise will remain a key skill set to have in a partner.

From security workshops to connectivity, Witekio can help you on every step of your IoT journey.

Georgie Ryan Casling - Content Manager
30 January 2023