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Witekio supports you in the analysis of your system needs, to define the system architecture and suitable technologies

Witekio, your global software partner for a successful smart device

Our expertise is software, only software, just software.


Our software experts and consultants teams help you with your smart, connected, innovative project to


Witekio IoT project partnerMake key decisions for your project: use, business model, technology 

  • Business innovation workshop
  • UX design workshop
  • System Consulting
  • Advanced technical workshop

Starting your project with the wrong questions can considerably diminish your product’s chances of success or turn your target time to market into a lifetime.


We help you choose the best roadmap for your project, the right functionalities and the right interface, which all have a huge impact on your success.


ConcevoirConceive a robust, scalable

  • Architecture workshop
  • Backlog workshop
  • Design reviews
  • Security assessments 

The key success factor of embedded and IoT device projects is the choice of software technologies, their compatibility and the system architecture you will build.

We understand your project and will help you make choices and build the best software architecture for your project, mitigating the risks and helping your team develop skills.


FaireDevelop and integrate all your software layers 

From hardware to the cloud, our software experts develop all the software layers of your embedded and IoT device, with high-quality code for each layer: low level, middleware, UI, web, mobile applications, and Cloud.



AméliorerOptimize your device's durability and operational costs

  • Software Factory workshop
  • Firmware Update workshop
  • Migration workshop

You will have all the keys to safely update your system and keep it optimized at all times.