Linux Optimization

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Witekio can deliver superior performance, reliability, and efficiency.


With over 20 years of experience in designing and developing embedded devices, Witekio are experts in device optimization.

Our engineers can fine-tune your embedded software to unlock its full potential, improving your Linux Yocto-based OS performance and reduce bottlenecks.

We can even provide consultation and guidance from the ground up to help embed optimization into the very architecture of your device.

We can help you with
High power consumption can result in reduced battery life. Witekio can help optimize your software to reduce power usage while maintaining functionality.
Identifying and resolving bottlenecks in Linux devices is often complex and time consuming, resulting in sluggish performance and a poor user experience.
Optimizing your Linux Yocto software to have a smaller footprint will help free up valuable space for other critical tasks and enables more cost-effective solutions.

What are Witekio’s Linux Optimization Services?

Whether optimizing a completed product or helping you to architect peak performance into the initial design, Witekio is your trusted partner in Linux Yocto Optimization.

We can help you diagnose your software optimization issues through:

Performance profiling, optimization consultation, testing, and validation.

Once we know the device issue inside-out, our experts will get to work with the best software optimization options, including:

Boot Time Reduction – Fastboot, optimizing init scripts, and streamlining the initialization sequence.

Kernel Optimization – configuring kernel parameters, selecting appropriate kernel options, and optimizing device drivers.

Power Management – managing CPU frequency scaling, device sleep modes, and other power management features.

Footprint Reduction – employing binary size optimization techniques, and removing unnecessary packages.

System Reliability – Identifying and fixing software bugs, memory leaks, and potential system crashes.

Predictability – Configuring your Linux kernel and applications to ensure more accurate and predictable behavior.


Proven Linux Expertise

With over a decade of experience optimizing Linux Yocto devices for clients across various industries, Witekio has a proven track record as a trusted partner in OS optimization.

Hardware mindset

As an Avnet company, we are software experts with a hardware mindset, meaning we can tailor your Linux distribution to suit your specific hardware requirements no matter what they are.

Security Focus

Witekio takes a secure by design approach to everything we do. That means we integrate robust security measures into system optimization, ensuring that you don’t trade performance for device safety.

Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
Yocto BSP development, OS migration, GUI, and language localization support
The Challenge

W. H. Leary needed to migrate their OS and Kernel due to an end-of-life CPU and OS. The Monet platform – which automates the company's world-class packaging manufacturing system -is a vital part of the companies offering, so extra care was needed to ensure ease of use and system longevity.

After an in-depth consulting workshop phase, W. H. Leary selected Witekio’s architecture concept, and development team, to deliver the:

  • Reimagining of a real-time processing system, from the lower levels up
  • Yocto BSP development, OS migration, and language localization support
  • GUI integration for seamless user-experience
  • System optimization and documentation

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