Witekio | Low level software development - Développement bas niveau - Embedded Beratung

Lower software layers

The adaptation and optimisation of the lower software layers of an embedded system or a connected object has a considerable impact on system stability, reliability and performance. Moreover, the choice of the software components and technologies, as well as their compatibility with the hardware, is critical and requires specialised expertise.

Low level software development for embedded project success

Starting 15 years ago under the name of Adeneo Embedded, our teams have garnered worldwide recognition for their multiple Operating System (OS) and multiple technology expertise in this field. In parallel with the continuous development of our software skills, we have built strong partnerships with the main silicon vendors in the embedded system industry and have developed an excellent understanding of hardware issues, which enables us to offer unique know-how based on proficient low level software development.

Witekio offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions for any embedded project. Witekio can also assist in the development of any type of driver or firmware, as well as in the customisation of Board Support Packages (BSP) for client platforms.

With several hundred BSPs developed or customised on the mainstream OS, reference BSPs developed for the Silicon Vendors reference platforms and a systems approach,  makes Witekio a major player in low level software engineering.