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Witekio offers the implementation, customisation and porting of Board Support Packages (BSP) for the main OS, based on its historical expertise, which is recognised worldwide.

Rare skills in "low level" systems

Witekio, has a rare level of skill in software known as ''low level'', particularly thanks to its experience in understanding hardware, as well as deep knowledge of how each operating system (OS) works.

As a pioneer in software development for complex embedded systems using microprocessors, we have years of experience in the development of custom BSPs, as well as reference BSPs for the most used platforms in this area (i.MX, Sitara, etc.), and we are now an internationally renowned expert.

We offer custom BSPs for client platforms like porting, for the main OS: Linux , Android, Windows, QNX, etc.

In addition, we have developed a real expertise in most architectures present on the market: ARM, x86, PPC, NIOS, ColdFire, etc.

OS porting and BSP customization

Witekio (formerly Adeneo Embedded) is renowned for its Linux, Android and Windows Embedded reference BSPs for the main chip foundry platforms: Texas Instruments, NXP, Intel, etc.

Customised service

We are working closely with each customers to understand their technical needs as well as possible.
Our added value is based on our detailed knowledge of reference BSPs and hardware architectures combined with our multi-OS expertise.
Depending on the type of project, we also work on light OS or firmware for microcontrollers .

The following are the areas in which we work most often:

  • Board bring-up
  • BSP adaptation
  • Porting or development on several OS (Linux, Android, Windows, QNX, etc.)
  • Migration
  • Integration and middleware development
  • Reference BSPs
  • Etc

Do you need a reference BSP?

We provide the reference BSPs that we have developed on various OS for the main chip foundries. To view the list of BSPs available for download, please visit our Tech Corner.