Benefits of IoT: How to ensure that IoT generates a R.O.I. for your company?

According to the World Economic Forum, “In 2018, 71 percent of industrial organizations reported being stuck in limbo during their IoT pilot phase.” So while POC and pilot phases were key for the learning curve, how to move to the next steps and optimize the benefits of IoT for your organization? 

What are the benefits of IoT?

Come and meet us in our headquarters in Lyon on April 9th (day before SIDO event), and share your experience with French industry key decision makers, coming from Michelin, Solvay and SparkLab.

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Get our guests and experts' visions of IoT and the return on investment it can generate for your organization. 

Your benefits of IoT evening program:

  • 6:30 pm: Welcome
  • 6:45 pm: Introduction by Samir Bounab, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Witekio.
  • 7:00 pm: Beginning of the conferences – 3 key actors in industrial French companies will share their return of experience on their IoT projects:
    • Edouard Naegelen from Michelin
    • Antoine Roy and Guillaume Collard from Solvay
    • Aristide Wolfrom from SparkLab
    • 8:00 pm: Panel discussion led by Samir Bounab with Antoine Roy, Guillaume Collard, Aristide Wolfrom, and Edouard Naegelen. A great opportunity for everyone to participate, ask questions and get an idea of how to optimize the benefits of IoT projects they have.
  • Your evening will end with a cocktail, allowing further discussions and networking.

Witekio, your partner to optimize the benefits of IoT projects

Witekio, as a 17 years old software expert team, has a long experience in helping customers industrializing their IoT devices, and therefore, maximizing the R.O.I. for IoT projects.

Our Customers Business Cases show how we accompany customers through all stages of development, from the Hardware to the Cloud, in oarder to maximize the chances of industrializing their IoT devices, and thus generate benefits thanks to IoT.

From POC to production and industrialization, how to optimize the benefits of IoT?

The main objective, but also the main challenge for all innovators in the IoT sphere, is to go from POC to Production and industrialization.

The first step is to make the right choices for your system software, and mitigate risks. You need to make sure your IoT product meets its market, that your project management method is adapted to your needs, and that your technology choices are adapted to your project.

In the meanwhile, stability and scalability of your software system are key success factors to move from POC to production, and maximize the benefits of IoT.

Our event “Which R.O.I. for IoT?” in short:

Time and place: April 9th, 2019, 6:30 – Witekio headquarter: 14 Rue Rhin et Danube, 69009 Lyon

Theme: “What are the benefits of IoT? How to ensure that IoT generates a Return on Investment for your organization?”


  • Edouard Naegelen from Michelin
  • Antoine Roy and Guillaume Collard from Solvay
  • Aristide Wolfrom from SparkLab

As a starter, discover two articles about the industrialization and benefits of IoT devices:


IoT is a great opportunity to drive new business, new models, new processes, let’s make it real!

You want to see the benefits of IoT for your company? Witekio is a system software integrator. We have a 17 years software experience, deeply rooted in low level and electronic boards knowledge. Our expert engineering team master the design, development and integration of complex software systems for industry and smart devices.

Our aim is to build a strong relationship with our customers to become the co-pilot of their innovative projects and help them make sure they build the right product for the right market. Therefore, we help our clients deriving the benefits of IoT for their own devices and services.