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Witekio | Android app optimization and developmentWitekio is scheduling two embedded Linux and Android training in July in the USA. Here is the chance for you to empower your project and speed up the success of your embedded device.


Interact with our American Android and Linux experts’ team in Witekio USA office (Bellevue, WA) during 3-day dedicated training. The mission of our embedded software experts is to help you to optimize the development time of your time project through cutting-edge training and customized labs.

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  • Linux - July, 11-14 2017 in Bellevue, WA, USA  - Register 

  • July - 18-21 2017 in Bellevue, WA, USA - Register

Objectives of the Android & Linux training

  • Development environment setup

  • Drivers and Kernel development

  • Image building

Objectives of the Android & Linux training

DAY 1: Launching Linux 

  • Introduction: Linux Kernel Overview (Linux kernel features, etc and support hardware architectures)

  • C Library and cross-compiling

  • Embedded System development tool (configuring board environment)

DAY 2: Embedded Linux Kernel

  • Linux Kernel Overview (Kernel code, subsystem, Linux versioning, Kernel UI, etc)

  • Compiling and Booting (Kernel sources, Kernel configuration, bootloader, etc)

DAY 3: Linux Drivers

  • Linux kernel overview (loadable kernel modules, adding sources to the tree, etc.)

  • Driver development (memory management, I/O memory and ports)

DAY 4 (optional day): Advanced debugging techniques – Advanced Linux drivers or Android Fundamentals

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