IoT Tech Expo, Save the date

Visit and discuss with Witekio IoT experts during IoT Tech Expo, November 29-30th 2017, Santa Clara Convention Center, California

Ever wanted to know to how develop and integrate an IoT architecture for your next project? How to succeed device to device and system to system communication and interoperability? Here are some questions that will be answered during our session ‘’Scale – able IoT Architectures and Interoperability’’



Discover the latest Witekio Smart City Solution

Witekio solution Smart CityThis Witekio solution is a real Smart City IoT scenario, illustrating Witekio’s expertise to handle connected devices project from end to end.


  • Development of a complete software architecture from Hardware to the Cloud
  • Android app developed with the framework Ionic
  • Use of Bluetooth Low Energy and LoRa technologies as communication tools between the Cloud, the Mobile phone and the Streelamps
  • Use of the Cloud based service ThingWorx to gather and collect data coming from the streetlamps.