Witekio, official Android BSP editor for Texas Instruments platforms.

As a long-term Texas Instruments Platinum Partner, Witekio is the Witekio |  Platinum member of Texas Instruments Design Networkofficial editor of Android Board Support Package for Texas Instruments Sitara platforms.


As a result, Witekio is the first in the market to offer both AM437x Android Marshmallow and AM57x Android Lollipop BSP.


Witekio combines 15 years of experience in developing low level software solutions and an in-depth Android proficiency, in order to accompany manufacturers in releasing the new generations of embedded devices in the shortest time to market.

Witekio’s main commitment is to allow developers to use ready-to-use Android BSP, combining both Sitara processors raw performances and Android cutting edge features.

Discover how we collaborated with customers such as Datalogic, Innovative Advantage, etc on their embedded devices based Texas Instruments Sitara running Android.

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