The years not over for Witekio

December is here, festive celebrations are in swing, and for many, this signifies the winding down of the year.


Not for Witekio 🦾🚀


Not only are our engineers hard at work on the completion of a number of exciting projects, but we’ve just announced that we will be showcasing a new software demonstration for CES Las Vegas in early January.


If that wasn’t enough for one newsletter, to round off the 20th anniversary of Witekio, we’ve published a new case study of our work with Philips Domestic Appliances, two practical embedded software articles, AND access to our latest IoT Security webinar.


I hope to see you all again in 2023 😊

Georgie Ryan Casling
Content Manager
Embedded Software Workarounds

Navigating the chip shortage using embedded software

A panel of Witekio experts recently took to the stage at the Engineering Design Show to discuss practical chip shortage workarounds with embedded software.

As the topic is something we’re helping our clients with more and more, we decided to condense the hour-long workshop into an article, so that everyone could reap the benefits of our expert’s advice on this subject.

The main takeaway you need to know is that despite hardware delays it doesn’t have to mean your roadmap comes to a standstill, as there are ways to work around this, and even breathe new life into existing products.​

What can you do to avoid disruption?

  • Add new functionality to your existing product​​
  • Leverage external compute via network connectivity
  • Extend functionality
  • Migrate to a more readily available chipset​
Yocto Maintenance

The saying third times a charm really came true for the Yocto Master Class Part Three, held in partnership with

This time around we focused on the issue of how to manage and maintain a Yocto distribution with Secure Updates.

With a typical Yocto project release lasting just one year, it’s understandable why the topic of longer-term maintenance would be of interest to so many in our community.

As the host of the event, and the content manager for Witekio, I’ve listed my top takeaways from the talk for you all, as well as included the full recording for on-demand viewing below:

IoT Ecosystem Security – How to identify and secure threats on your connected device

If you are bringing a connected device or product to market, making sure it’s secure is vital ☠

In our latest webinar, Witekio and Pentest have teamed up to outline exactly how to assess, test and solve IoT Ecosystem security issues.

We’ll cover how you can run risk analysis and outline common vulnerabilities, so you can ensure they don’t happen to your product.

Watch On-Demand

Creating connected coffee machines for Philips

Philips newest home coffee machine has an advanced UI, offers personalized settings and new features via seamless OTA updates.

It is truly connected – thanks to Witekio.

Industry News

Witekio will be exhibiting a new software demonstration at CES Las Vegas.

The model wind turbine demo, which is run on the Witekio software accelerator; Kamea, will further demonstrate the power of IoT in an industrial context.

Through real-time data acquisition, remote configuration and advanced security capabilities, the Kamea platform will give CES visitors control of Witekio’s wind turbine demonstration.

Thanks to API and a custom dashboard, users can view data that will enable them to optimize operations and maintenance, create new added value services and gain fleet management.

Talking about CES, Witekio CEO, Samir Bounab, said:

“CES is one of the most influential tech events in the world, so this is a great opportunity for Witekio to further showcase our skillset and reach new partners for collaboration. The topic for the 2023 conference is How Innovation is Addressing Global Challenges, and our wind turbine is just one small example of how harnessing IoT software capabilities can better enable green energy.”

Job of the month:

Director of Professional Services – Seattle

We are looking for an experienced Director of Engineering who is open to motivating and bringing a highly skilled team to the next level while providing an excellent level of service to our customers.

You are nimble but thorough, focused on continuous improvement, and passionate about a high-tech environment. Highly organized, you have a solid ability to grow a team with experience in global software development projects and a strong customer service focus.