New year, new projects?

A brand new year is the perfect time to reflect on your needs, plan how you’re going to answer them and examine the industry for any emerging trends that you need to adapt.


Our engineers are doing just this with ongoing projects, and our management took the time to uncover the latest embedded ecosystem news at this year’s CES Las Vegas! Scroll on to see our discoveries at the event, as well as a selection of articles, upcoming Witekio events and content to keep you in the embedded know 👇


Remember, if you’re looking for ongoing long-term Linux support, IoT security design, development support to get a product to market, or optimization of an existing one, Witekio is here to help you at any stage of your journey.

Georgie Ryan Casling
Content Manager

Witekio at CES Las Vegas 2023

To make sure that we have our finger on the pulse of all embedded software trends, the Witekio team exhibited (and explored) CES 2023, one of the most influential consumer tech events in the world.

At the show, we launched a new software demonstration on the Witekio booth, as well as our latest software accelerator worldwide (which you can read about below).

Check out our highlights of the event 👉


Our latest software accelerator, which is an IoT management platform builder for equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will help accelerate connected product and service innovation.

First soft-launched at Witekio’s HQ (Lyon, France) three months ago, it has already seen positive uptake and reviews from clients.

An IoT Connected Service Platform Builder Launch born from 20 years of experience in supporting OEMs

Our embedded software engineers have been working with equipment manufacturers to help develop their most innovative products for over twenty years.

In this time, the industry ecosystem and trends have changed massively, and among the new challenges, OEMs are facing a need for ever more complex IoT software and hardware development, as well as tougher maintenance and cost expectations. We understand and know these pains, which is why we’ve built the Kamea platform to help you navigate the pressures of launching a connected product.

If you’re looking for a Connected Service Platform Builder for your device – click below.

Yocto Migration and Optimisation for W. H. Leary

W. H. Leary, a leading packaging manufacturer, needed to migrate their OS and Kernel due to an end-of-life CPU and OS.

The Monet platform – which automates the company’s world-class packaging manufacturing system -is a vital part of the companies offering, so extra care was needed to ensure ease of use and system longevity.

After an in-depth consulting workshop phase, W. H. Leary selected Witekio’s architecture concept, and development team, to deliver the:

  • Reimagining of a real-time processing system, from the lower levels up
  • Yocto BSP development, OS migration, and language localization support
  • GUI integration for seamless user-experience
  • System optimization and documentation





In the first-ever Witekio – Pentest Limited webinar, we got straight to the very heart of the issue on everyone’s mind – IoT Ecosystem Security.

More specifically, how to identify and secure threats on a connected device.

With consumers demanding more and more connectivity and integration between devices, security threats are more likely.

Therefore, at the very least, you need to understand the basics of how to run risk analysis and outline common vulnerabilities for your device.

Luckily – we covered just this, and in case you need a recap, I’m going to break down the key moments you need to remember.

This webinar is vital for anyone looking to bring a connected device to market in 2023.

Witekio 2022 Highlights

Before we fully dive into 2023, we wanted to celebrate and showcase the highlights of our year, which were made possible in part thanks to you.

From webinars to newsletters, exhibit talks to podcasts, the Witekians have shared their knowledge about the embedded software hot topics on everyone’s minds.

We also celebrated our 20 year anniversary, exhibited at some of the biggest shows in the world, and most importantly – delivered for our clients.

Qt 6 – How to Successfully Migrate and Upgrade your Device

If you’re looking to use Qt 6 or need to upgrade your device user interface, this webinar is for you!

We’ll cover how you can successfully migrate to Qt 6 from your legacy Qt software, how to ensure you get the most from the software, as well as showcase what’s new and what’s coming for the latest release.

Tuesday, February 14th 2023 – 3:00 PM (GMT)



Job of the month:


We are looking for Embedded Software Engineers to join our team in the UK, France and Germany.

Specializing in embedded C / C++, Linux, RTOS, middleware, applications, and cloud technologies, you’ll be part of a passionate team helping our customers with everything from defining software architecture for greenfield projects to helping fix their ongoing projects.

Share your experience & vision on – OEM challenges regarding connected products & services

We are currently conducting a study on the challenges for OEMs when developing connected products/services (cloud, platform etc.)

If you are an OEM embedded decision maker and/or expert and can spare 5 minutes – we’d be grateful.  ​​