Witekio | Vertical Markets expertise - Embedded systems markets - Ingénierie logiciel embarqué

Our market expertise

Every major market has its own characteristics, both in terms of technologies and protocols and in terms of the specific performance required for systems. Mastering these aspects, as well as changes in standards and new uses is crucial for achieving a successful solution.

Witekio was one of the pioneers of complex embedded systems, under the name of Adeneo Embedded, and has a technical expertise and has internationally renowned technical expertise and experience. With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of international projects related to the main embedded systems markets, Witekio has developed rare skills and know-how. The automotive, medical, industrial, and portable & mobile device industries are the main vertical markets that Witekio is involved with.

Our technical expertise combined with a collaborative approach with our customers' teams offer an opportunity for effective and impactful collaboration.

In order to offer a comprehensive systems approach, our strong connection to the ecosystem and our partner network enables us to easily integrate any possible specific technological modules into the system.

Our multi-market expertise, in addition to our collaborative approach and our use-oriented thinking allow a significant, fast and agile project impact.