Automotive & Navigation

The automobile market is rapidly changing to become the main embedded system market. Technical constraints, connectivity and security are critical in this demanding market.

An automotive software expertise recognised by major players

Witekio has implemented many automotive projects for major industry players. We are able to offer you solutions responding perfectly to key performance indicators. We master the constraints related to automotive software development and integration, infotainment systems (fast boot, graphics, UI, etc.) and vehicle operating systems.

With the constant changes in the automotive market, vehicles are now the main equipment connected to the world. Today's electronics allow vehicles to interact with the driver and the passengers, as well as with each other via the Cloud.

Technical skills relating to the market

gallery-md-1Addressing connectivity, performance and security issues together with our customers is our commitment.

We also have strong integration skills, enabling us to incorporate specific technology solutions for all applications.

Finally, our partner network enables us to consider the most complex of projects.

The following are issues that we are often asked to address:

  • Boot Time optimisation
  • Audio Multiplexing
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Graphic optimisation
  • KPI optimisation
  • Multi display and multi-cam
  • Communication stacks
  • Application solutions
  • Etc.