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Our partners

It is important to have a strong connection with several types of ecosystem players, in order to optimise the approach to existing systems and to know how to work with a group of partners that are nowadays necessary to create a solution.

Witekio partners

Witekio was one of the pioneers of complex embedded systems, under the name of Adeneo Embedded, and has internationally renowned technical expertise and experience. Since its establishment under the name of Adeneo Embedded, Witekio has always developed strong partnerships with Witekio partners throughout its history, in order to optimise its expertise and streamline collaborations to accelerate projects.

The embedded systems market is currently undergoing transformation and the connected objects market is currently being invented; nowadays more than ever, it is a case of being able to develop a comprehensive and solid partnership network to face all of the challenges.

Moreover Witekio, as a software integration system expert, strives to create partnerships with a variety of players, in order to always offer the most appropriate solutions for the specific needs of customers. Thus, Witekio has privileged relationships with chip foundries (silicon vendors), module manufacturers, software and Cloud solution editors, etc.