Luxov: Full Software Architecture, Design And Integration

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Volx and X’sin invented digital and connected climbing with Luxov® !

Luxov® is an innovation for the climbing community allowing a climber to practice rock climbing in a friendly and interactive way. Thanks to the tactile interface the climbers can choose their routes among a library of routes available. The chosen route immediately lights up on the wall, in the color of user’s choice.

A lot of possibilities are enabled this innovative system. A connected bracelet allows the climbers to measure their performances during a session. The routes can be rated as well enabling an interaction with the whole climbing community.

To make this innovative dream come true, Witekio collaborated with X’sin for the complete software solution through definition, design, development and integration.

Challenges and requirements

A complete system software design and integration service.

  • From specification to ready to use product
  • From low level, embedded software to cloud connectivity

The Witekio solution

The system developed covers all the value chains of connected objects, including software system design, embedded software development, backend web, mobile application, frontal web, connectivity and centralized server information.

– Software system architecture

– Consultancy on technological choices (protocols)

– Software development:

  • Hardware connection RFID
  • Frontal web application
  • Embedded visualization application
  • Backend web
  • Private Cloud Connectivity

– Testing

– Integration

Need software experts to make your idea come to life?

Luxov creates the interactive climbing centre

With an innovative contactless technology, the climbing wall becomes, illuminated, esthetic, customizable, and easy to use. Climbers illuminate routes with their favorite color, choosing them on a touch screen. Routes can be extended by the route setters at any time.

With the RFID braces, the wall becomes connected: Climbers’ performances are recorded and many new applications are made possible for climbers. The system brings an enhanced climbing experience, great fun, and a natural web and mobile extension of the gym through the climber’s community.

The Volx Group dedicated more than 4 years of R&D to the development of LUXOV®, which offers unlimited potential to climbing gyms and climbers. We have registered 5 patents. As an SME based in Lyon, we worked with a dozen partners across the region to develop the system. We also created X’Sin, a start-up dedicated to the development of the electronic and software solution.