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Writing world’s best embedded software takes technical know-how and a deep understanding of the cutting edge of connected and smart devices. Whether it is a consumer wearable, an industrial sensor, a smart retail vending machine or a connected heavy-duty vehicle, good products and the best end-user experiences are assured when the software driving those products and those experiences is delivered by experts.

Witekio supports your project

At Witekio, our engineers, developers, designers, and architects have amassed decades of software development experience in delivering hundreds of projects for customers worldwide. Their successful iteration of methods and processes over these years has enabled us to develop standard software bricks.

An innovative project in mind - the sky is the limit!

Accelerate Your Development and Get to Market Faster

Witekio’s software bricks help you accelerate your development and deliver your innovative technology to market faster. Thanks to the software bricks our teams have developed and refined over decades of experience working on IoT, embedded, smart and connected devices, we can develop your software and move it to market faster than our competitors.

Getting your device in the hands of end users is our goal. However, ensuring that you are confident in the quality of the build, in the testing that has been completed, in the capacity to update the software once deployed, and in the embedded software itself is more than an added bonus for Witekio – it’s our standard operating procedure and a key reason for our continued success.

Full Metal Update

Pushing your software updates over the air (OTA update) is essential a world that is as mobile and connected as ours. Witekio’s Full Metal Update software brick is open source and only pushes necessary changes (delta updates) to your devices, networks, and systems to keep updates smooth, light, and low powered. It’s container based, cloud agnostic, and it’s entirely unbrickable to maintain service levels for your end users.

Board Support Packages

Partnerships are key in the embedded software and IoT world. Being capable of writing board support packages is one thing but being able anticipate new board releases and unlock the capabilities of that board is quite another. Witekio’s partnerships with board manufacturers allow our engineers to stay ahead of the pack and be first to market with secure, highly functional, and innovative board support package.

Board Support Packages, Full Metal Update, and the Automation Lab

Witekio provides three distinct software bricks that, in combination, provide automated testing and offer a solid foundation for your IoT product.

Board Support Package

Developing a standard or customized board support package is one of the ways that you can leverage Witekio’s expertise and software factory. Whether it is a board support package for Linux or Android or a board support package for the Intel Atom x5 Arduino RTOS, Witekio has the experience to deliver the BSP that you need.

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Full Metal Update

Witekio’s Full Metal Update is an attractive means for innovative technology vendors to embrace a cutting-edge solution to keep their devices and networks up to date, secure, and always in use.

There are multiple advantages to our Full Metal Update software brick.

  • open source
  • offers delta updates
  • lighter, faster updates.
  • entirely container based
  • cloud agnostic

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Automation Lab

Witekio’s Automation Lab is a software brick that offers a technology provider the power to build an automated and continuous testing environment that helps you ensure quality, add functionality without impacting performance, cut testing time and personnel costs, and speed a go-to-market strategy.

Available exclusively to Witekio customers. Built in-house  with the same commitment to quality that has defined our work for two decades, it’s a must-have for every serious IoT vendor.

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The capacity to leverage Witekio’s software bricks allows you to win time and preserve efforts on tricky parts of your project.

Whether taking advantage of a board support package, relying on Full Metal Update’s capacity to deliver delta updates OTA that only improve the user experience and never brick a device, or using the Automation Lab for implementing testing and assuring quality, Witekio has the software bricks to help support your project.

Witekio’s software bricks provide a strong foundation for your project. Whether it is selecting and adapting one of our board support packages to suit your needs, engaging our Automation Lab for any or all of your regression, continuous integration, load, unit, functional or GUI testing, or pushing OTA updates using Full Metal Update, you can be confident that Witekio’s expertise is ready to work for you.

Our software bricks are an essential element that supports the decisive expertise and skill of our engineering and software development teams to power your projects, accelerate your go-to-market, and offer your customers confidence in their investment in your innovative technology.