QNX real time operating system

QNX is an operating system designed primarily for the embedded systems used QNXin some markets, such as the industrial, medical and automotive markets. QNX is a RTOS (Real Time Operating System), that is to say, it is a multitasking operating system intended for real-time applications, used particularly in restricted and standardised sectors. In terms of security, the use of a microkernel enables the system kernel to be isolated from the various drivers used, thereby avoiding the overall functioning of the operating system being affected in the event of malfunction of one or more drivers.

Our multi-market expertise and our knowledge of constrained environments has enabled us to master this technology, thus facilitating its integration into your system. Through this partnership and our knowledge of this technology, Witekio is able to support you with regard to all of your needs that require a reliable, secure and certified RTOS solution.

Software expertise for the success of your solution

Our knowledge of QNX enables us to easily and quickly achieve the integration of this technology on your platform. This QNX technology integration offer includes the porting on your solution as well as the customisation of the reference BSP.

  • BSP and development of drivers, MIPS, ARM, x86
  • QNX technology porting on your hardware solution
  • System optimisation (fastboot, boot time, operating system memory footprint, graphics enhancement, etc.)
  • Embedded application development with Qt
  • Optimisation of your system’s QNX real time technology with our multi-market knowledge
  • Design review
  • Dedicated technical support