Application layers

Application layers

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Witekio shares its expertise in embedded layers dedicated to embedded systems and connected objects and offers open or private company training courses

Expertise sharing during mobile application development training

Wiketio's experts are specialists in the daily development of embedded and mobile solutions for the industrial, automotive and medical markets, etc. We can help embedded tool teams to speed up all aspects of applicative tool development during our mobile application development training.

Our mobile application development training address specific development needs and can help you to understand how to build applications with the main development frameworks (Qt, Xamarin, etc.) for the various OS, using suitable development tools.

Our training courses are conducted by our best experts. We wish to support your teams to really improve their skills, enabling visible project impact

Open courses

We deliver multi-customer training courses at our facilities in France, Germany and the US. The training takes place over 3 or 4 days and can be provided in French, English and German.

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Customised training

We provide customised training based on your demands, both on the customer’s site and at our facilities in France, Germany and the United States. These courses usually take place over 3-4 days can be taught in French, English and German

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