Connectivity and connected objects

Connectivity and connected objects

Interested in training on connectivity and embedded objects?

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Witekio shares its expertise on connected objects, in terms of scenario, connectivity and architecture.

Connected object and Cloud training

Witekio, is a team of experts who master new digital technology uses with a cross-platform approach and a multimedia experience. Design, Engineering, and Integration are the everyday work of our teams. We offer to share our expertise, in order to train your staff in the implementation of connected objects and smart systems during our connected object and Cloud training.

The following are some examples of the topics addressed in our various training courses:

  • IoT scenario implementation
  •  Connectivity, current challenges
  • Gateways
  • Cloud solutions
  • Cross-platform and multimedia application implementation
  • Etc.

Open courses

We offer multi-customer training at our facilities in France, Germany and the US. These training courses take place over 3 or 4 days and can be provided in French, English and German.

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Customised training

We provide customised training based on your demands, both on the customer’s site and at our facilities in France, Germany and the United States. These courses usually take place over 3-4 days can be taught in French, English and German.

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