Low level embedded systems (OS, firmware, etc.)

Low level embedded systems (OS, firmware, etc.)

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Witekio shares its internationally renowned expertise in low level software layers and provides open or private company training.

Expertise and pedagogy sharing during embedded software training.

Witekio offers developers and project managers a wide variety of training options enabling them to deepen their knowledge in the development of embedded and mobile systems. This variety enables you to choose the most appropriate embedded software training for your needs, whether these may be the discovery of a new technology or of acquiring in-depth knowledge of a technical subject through theoretical and practical training courses.

 The following are some categories of training courses: 

  • Basic environment knowledge (Linux, Android, Windows, etc.) 
  • OS porting on various hardware architectures
  • Development and debugging 
  • Optimising technology performance to build applications running on their solutions (handhelds, tablets, or other tools) 

The training, which is conducted by our top experts, is very practical and enables your teams to extensively develop their skills for real project impact. 

Open courses 

We deliver multi-customer training courses at our facilities in France, Germany and the US. The training takes place over 3 or 4 days and can be provided in French, English and German

Contact us to receive the course schedule and details of the subjects.

Customised training 

We provide customised training based on your demands, both on the customer’s site and at our facilities in France, Germany and the United States. These courses usually take place over 3-4 days can be taught in French, English and German. Contact us so that we can discuss what may be more convenient

Contact us so that we can discuss what may be more convenient.

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