Witekio Webinar: Navigating the Future with Azure RTOS: Transition to the Eclipse Foundation

Homepage Why Witekio IoT Webinar and Podcast Azure RTOS: Transition to the Eclipse Foundation

Join Witekio as we explore the significant shift of Microsoft Azure RTOS to the open-source community under the Eclipse Foundation.

This event is tailored to provide Azure RTOS users with critical insights and strategies for leveraging this transition to enhance their products.

We’ll dive into the implications of this change, offering practical advice on maintenance, project enhancements, migration, and long-term support.

Who Should Attend 🤔

  • Azure RTOS users seeking guidance on the transition
  • Developers and engineers working with MCU-based devices
  • Technical managers overseeing Azure RTOS or Eclipse ThreadX projects
  • Decision-makers in companies utilizing IoT and embedded systems

What You Will Learn ⚡

  • Understanding the Azure RTOS Transition
  • Navigating Maintenance and Support
  • Mastering Migration Strategies
  • Thread X vs other RTOS
  • And more

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