Witekio Webinar: High Performing GUI Development on Infineon Traveo T2G

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Bringing a product to market and unsure of the hardware and software requirements needed for your GUI on MCU? Or perhaps you have a product on an MPU already and are considering switching to MCU?

Join Infineon, Qt, and Witekio as we explore the top strategies for selecting MCUs, optimizing GUI performance, and building your high-performing application with Qt tooling.

This webinar (aired on Wednesday 3rd of April and available On-Demand) is your gateway to mastering GUI development on the Infineon Traveo T2G MCU family. Watch to see how the Traveo T2G MCU can handle complex medical applications when ported from MPU to MCU.

Who Should Watch 🤔

  • Hardware Engineers and Designers: involved in the selection and use of microcontroller units (MCUs) for graphic user interface (GUI) development.
  • Software Developers and GUI Designers: Professionals focusing on GUI development.
  • Project Managers and Technical Leads: overseeing projects that involve GUI development on high-performance MCUs.
  • Anyone else: In fields related to hardware and software development, looking to gain insights into the latest trends and tools in MCU GUI development.

What You Will Learn ⚡


  • Top tips for selecting MCUs for GUI development.
  • Insights into Infineon’s MCU Traveo T2G performance.
  • Trends in the use of high-performance MCUs for small to large-scale projects.

Qt Group:

  • Getting started with Qt.
  • Overview of Infineon and Qt’s joint hardware and software offerings.
  • Tooling for Graphics Development on Infineon Traveo T2G.


  • Development and Optimization: Strategies for efficient GUI development.
  • Live demonstration showcasing medical application on Qt with Infineon Traveo T2G .
  • Overview of moving from MPU to Traveo T2G MCU.

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