Witekio Webinar: Linux on MPUs for Next-Gen EV Charging Solutions

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Are you looking to bring an EV charging solution to the market?  

Join us for an exclusive webinar where three industry giants will explore the transformative landscape of Linux on MPUs for Next-Gen EV Charging Solutions.  

Discover the latest industry trends and growth areas, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the value of Arm architecture. Delve into the capabilities of the STM32MP1 family and how it can seamlessly support EV charging solutions. Elevate your expertise as you learn invaluable tips for navigating Yocto on MPUs and accelerate your development journey with Witekio’s expert guidance.  

Whether you’re a developer, engineer, or product manager, this masterclass will equip you with insights to navigate the complexities of embedded systems in the EV charging domain. 🚗⚡ 

Who Should Attend 🤔

  • Developers and Engineers working with Linux on MPUs for EV Charging Solutions or Application based solutions.
  • Product Managers interested in the potential of Linux on MPUs.
  • Anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of Linux and Yocto support for applications.



What You Will Learn ⚡

  • How the EV charging industry is transforming  
  • The value of Arm Architecture and the benefits of SystemReady  
  • Meet STM32MP1 – Industrial Grade MPUs. 
  • How STMicroelectronics hardware can meet EV charging application performance levels  
  • Witekio top tips for Yocto on MPU 
  • How to fast-track development with Witekio  
  • Our EV Charger Use Case 

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