Harness the Power of Connected Devices in 2024

Connectivity is here to stay and along with the countless business benefits this brings, it also brings software complexity.


But don’t worry, Witekio can guide you through these challenges, and help you unlock new markets and revenue streams.


In this newsletter, I’m thrilled to bring you a host of resources to help you master connectivity in 2024. From our latest webinars to insight-packed blogs on effectively incorporating multimedia into connected devices, case studies, podcasts, IoT services, and much, much more.

Georgie Ryan Casling
Head of Content and Marketing Team Lead

Connectivity and Platform Ownership for Device Makers

In this webinar from Witekio and Avnet, we’ll guide you through the intricate realm of cloud connectivity options and highlight the critical aspects to ensure IoT platform ownership.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of cloud connectivity for devices, offering a software and product roadmap that ensures your devices are not just connected, but future-ready. 🦾

Application development

App development is rarely a simple task. Modern connected devices are often accompanied by feature-rich applications that users expect to use on multiple platforms.

Integrating multimedia, such as audio and video, is more and more seen as the norm, rather than the exception.

How do we do it here at Witekio? We can’t give away ALL our secrets, but I recently sat down with one of our chief engineers to pick their brains about GStreamer.

In this article we’ll cover everything from:

  • Getting Started with GStreamer

  • Hello World – The Basics

  • Developing a multimedia app

  • Organizing pipelines

  • and more
IoT Platform

Velan needed support developing connected IoT valves to be deployed in the nuclear energy industry.

Due to the sensitivity and importance of the sector, those valves had to provide reliable and up-to-date telemetry to customers.

To make this possible, data from internal valve sensors needed to be migrated in real time to a custom web application dashboard, in a secure and accessible manner.

The project needed end-to-end IoT cloud connectivity and web application expertise. From workshop to IoT platform roll-out, we delivered.

Samir on the IoT Show

Witekio CEO, Samir Bounab was invited to take part in industry expert Olivier Bloch’s IoT Show!

In the episode, they discussed everything from the biggest emerging trends, to why software is getting harder, as well as answering the big question: What exactly is the “Edge”? and much more.

IoT Fast-Track Service

We’ve helped hundreds of OEMs implement IoT connectivity, and during this time, we’ve seen the same struggles and needs arise repeatedly.

Our response? We’ve created a packaged service (an IoT Fast-Track) to address those needs swiftly and securely

How it works: We help set up and integrate an IoT Platform Builder tool from The Embedded Kit, before our experts tailor it to your needs and requirements.

It offers everything you need to get-to and stay-in the connected marketplace.

Our Next Webinar

Join us for an exclusive webinar where Witekio and Octavo will delve into the best practices for developing a secure embedded system by leveraging SiP hardware and embedded software best practices.

Explore the unique security advantages that SiP brings to the table, the different types of security you should be aware of, and how to maintain the security of your system.🛡️

Job of the month: Field Marketing Manager - USA, Bellevue, WA

Are you an experienced Marketing Manager looking to work for an innovative software company in a global market?

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This is a hands-on, multi-disciplinary, and dynamic position, requiring close collaboration with the Witekio Marketing and Sales teams, as well as local Partners.