Feel the Power of Hardware and Software Combined

As embedded and IoT devices continue to grow in use and value, so does the demand on hardware to empower these innovations. Software requirements increasingly steer hardware choices while getting the most out of both becomes increasingly challenging.


Fortunately, we’re here to help by exploring software strategies, tools, and best practices that give you what you need!


Read on to see our latest webinar with Qt, find out what JTAG and Linux development have to do with each other, how our partnership with NXP is going, the launch of our new spinoff product brand – The Embedded Kit – and so much more!

Georgie Ryan Casling
Head of Content and Marketing Team Lead

Migrating Qt from an MPU to an MCU

Are you a device maker looking to make a transition from an MPU to an MCU for your Qt-based projects? 🤔

Well you’re in luck! The combined knowledge of experts from Witekio and Qt Group are here to guide you through this process.⚡

Whether you’re looking to move to an MCU to save costs, lower power consumption or due to space constraints, we’ll advise you how to best optimize your GUI and application development by leveraging hardware, Qt’s powerful platform, and expert application development insights from Witekio.

Witekio Launches The Embedded Kit

With demand for custom Linux systems at an all-time high, we’ve put our 20 years of embedded experience to the test and launched The Embedded Kit, a new spinoff brand that will focus solely on selling off-the-shelf Linux software tools.

The Embedded Kit product portfolio includes four software tools designed to build, connect, test, and secure any custom embedded Linux system. Each tool is available for purchase individually, or as a package, and will include the full source code. 

Linux Debugging

JTAG and Linux Embedded Development

A seemingly simple question on the best practices surrounding JTAG and Linux here at Witekio evolved/devolved into a heated discussion.

That’s nothing new when talking about a subject that has pros and cons – after all, it’s our job to know what’s best for our customer’s projects.

So we’ve turned this into blog, so you can make up your own mind on the JTAG and Linux-embedded development puzzle.

But first, let’s set up what you need to know….

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