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NVIDIA GPUs provide powerful solutions for AI, image processing, intensive graphics, and more. Customers can leverage Witekio’s embedded software experience to help with the design and implementation of the best solution, from low-level hardware support to application, and cloud.

By understanding what you want to achieve, Witekio helps you define the solutions and technical goals to get your intelligent hardware device production-readyon the NVIDIA-based platformfrom hardware component selection, architecture, software design/development, security, Over-The-Air (OTA), and connecting to an IoT cloud platform (example – AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) 

Device Connectivity and Security 

Designing your IoT Cloud solution  Whether based on Azure IoT, AWS IoT, or any other service, we help you know what your options are, designing, and implementing your solution, both on the device and in the cloud. 

Wi-Fi, BLE, NFC, Zigbee and more – We add support for the connectivity technologies and protocols you need, to bring your product to life 

Device certificates & PKI – Use x.509 certificates chains to easily authenticate your devices with Azure IoT and AWS IoTrotate and revoke certificates. We also help you integrate it with your manufacturing partner for an end-to-end solution. 

Secure storage – Leverage the capability to securely store keys, certificates, and sensible information using a dedicated chipthe Trusty system integrated into NVIDIA’s platforms and encrypting partitions on your system. 

Secure boot – Use the secure boot feature of NVIDIA IoT devices to ensure that your system cannot be compromised. 

Security updates – We can monitor security patches and new releases, to patch any vulnerability as soon as possible. 

Leverage the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform

  • AI, GPGPU, and graphics acceleration – Ensure your application uses the full potential of the system, regardless of the type of application you are developing. Whether you are doing AI, image processing (OpenCV), GPGPU (CUDA), GPU intensive graphics, or all of them, we can help you leverage your platform. 
  • NVIDIA System features – We enable you to leverage the features present on NVIDIA Jetson devices: system recovery, A/B redundancy, secure boot, secure environment (Trusty), and more. 
  • Accelerated containers – NVIDIA GPU devices can use their proprietary container engine, allowing you to get the best of both worldsfast hardware-accelerated code, running in easy-to-manage self-sufficient and isolated containers. 
  • Embedded application  We help you design and implement the software that you need to run on your device (C++, Python, Nodejs, …), headless, or featuring modern fluid graphics, using Qt or Web technologies for Embedded. 

Production-ready Linux system 

  • Reliability-Based on NVIDIA’s Ubuntu-based distribution, we leverage the platform’s dual bank A/B for added redundancy and reliabilityWe can also leverage a Read-only file system and atomic OTA solutions, to further improve reliability.  
  • Easy to customize – We make it easy to customize your system, by adding the packages and customizing them once, integrated into an efficient and repeatable build process. 
  • Production-ready – We support you in designing the software manufacturing process, tools, and instructions, to bring your device to life. This includes flashing, secure boot provisioning, unique device certificates, and provisioning. 

Take your NVIDIA Jetson to the next level! 

  • OTA System updates – Push updates remotely to keep the device running smoothly and ensure you have the latest version of the OS running on the device. This also allows you to attempt remote recovery of your device, if anything were to happen to it, without dispatching someone on the field. 
  • Frequent OTA Application deployment – Application software changes fast, and it is possible to release it at a much higher frequency than system/OS updates, to keep up with customer needs 
  • A full IoT solution – NVIDIA platforms can be used as a cornerstone of your full IoT solution, connecting to local devices (IIoTmedical, home connectivity with Alexa and Google Assistant), and as a powerful Edge gateway to the cloud, driving telemetry, device monitoring, analytics, and predictive maintenance.

 More information on Nvidia Developer Jetson Platform -> HERE

Select Witekio as your consulting and integration partner for your NVIDIA-based deployments

We have helped hundreds of customers with their embedded and IoT products, ranging from consumer to medical, industrial, automotive, and aerospace: 

  • Pure-play software consultant – Our engineers offer expertise on the full-stackincluding kernel, middleware, application, and cloud integration services. 
  • Flexible business model – While our T&M contracts easily allow scope changes during the execution of the project, we also offer fixed-price contracts with a firm commitment to features and price. Whether you have a strong set of requirements or not, our software architects and business managers will work with you throughout the whole process. 
  • 18+ years in embedded development – Witekio’s long-standing experience and partner connections in the industry can help you with selecting hardware components, reviewing schematics, selecting manufacturing partners, etc.