Happy Holidays!

Wishing you, your team, and your families all the very best for the festive period.


Before we dive into 2023, we wanted to celebrate and showcase the highlights of our year, which were made possible in part thanks to you 👉


From webinars to newsletters, exhibit talks to podcasts, the Witekians have shared their knowledge about the embedded software hot topics on everyone’s minds this year 🔥

Click below to access our host of free resources which cover subjects such as chip shortage workarounds | connected device security | AI and Ethics | Long-term code maintenance | GUI development | and much more.


We’ve been overwhelmed this year with the feedback our teams have received on all their hard work ❤

One of the overarching messages were most proud to hear, is how Witekians are very good at integrating with your needs and becoming part of your team. We believe this is how every partnership should be and something we continually strive to achieve.

We needed a software partner with proven home appliance results to help us launch our next generation of connected coffee machines. With Witekioʼs help, the latest Xelsis model ensures our customers can enjoy new features and a premium home coffee experience for years to come.
Witekio had the manpower, the expertise and the flexible approach we needed from a partner. For the co-development of our IoT solution they were the best choice.
Xavier Claeys
Director of digital innovation - tower crane products
Witekio felt like part of our team. I genuinely enjoyed working with them, as they really engaged with us to make the best product we can.
Katie Strausser
Principal Controls Engineer
Ekso Bionics
The team fully met our needs and urgent requirements, as well as effectively controlled the budget and project activities. We've been working with Witekio for two years. The quality of the deliverables gets better every time.
Claude Pettinato
Head of Software Development
Witekio delivered or even overdelivered on everything we expected. It makes us happy and confident to have such a skilled and solution focused partner on our side.
Holger Schroth
Chief Product Officer
Solar Log
Witekio helped us to evolve our new device’s Bluetooth capability from “functioning prototype” to a full production solution, and their expertise and collaborative approach made the entire development a completely stress-free process. For a small UK Medical Device company, the ability to contract out development work is extremely important, and finding a trustable, reliable partner like Witekio has been priceless.
Matt Watts
Head of Product R&D
Firstkind Limited
In IoT, it is “relatively” easy to make a prototype. However, industrializing, running hundreds of devices and operating 24/7 is another story. Witekio helped us to setup our IoT cloud, and create a reliable product with battery swapping stations. Thanks for helping us overcome our hurdles & grow!
Jérémy Henry
Head of Digital Product



On top of all the work and insight, we celebrated our 20-year anniversary in 2022 with parties across our offices in Lyon, Bristol, Seattle and Paris.

Not only did the event serve as a chance to get everyone together for the first time in years, but also an opportunity to reflect on the past 20 years of tech, and what the next 20 might bring.


WATCH OUT 2023 🚀


With the new year already full of potential (see you at CES Las Vegas!) we’re excited to continue to showcase our expertise and experience.

From software accelerators to optimisation, security, migration and much more – we’re here to help.

And not only to help more partners level up their projects – but to give back to the embedded software ecosystem, which grows and thrives together. 🦾