Witekio at CES 2023 - Press Pack

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Dear Editorial Team,

Below you will find all the information relevant to our news release for CES 2023, as well as information on the services we offer.

If you would like to arrange an interview with a representative of Witekio, get in touch – Marketing@witekio.com

Alternatively, you can find the Witekio booth at Eureka park: 60811.

About Kamea

Witekio's Worldwide Kamea Launch at CES

Witekio has today announced the worldwide launch of its latest software accelerator at CES 2023 🔥

Discover Kamea - the IoT Management Platform

See the full capabilities of our new Connected Service Platform Builder – Kamea

Check out the Kamea Demo for CES 2023!

The handy flyer has everything you need to know on one page, from hardware up ⚡

Everything you need to know about Kamea

Benefits, industry examples and more are all here in our pitch deck.

About Witekio

Witekio in one page

An overview of our services, from consulting to completion, we can help with everything Embedded.

Our 2022 Success Stories

All of our feedback in one place, showcasing the many industries and projects we tackle.

How we can help

Find out not just what we do, but why people choose to use Witekio as thier On-Demand IoT Partner.