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Witekio, embedded systems and IoT expert

Innovation today starts with software. From hardware to the cloud, our expert software team will help you design, develop and integrate a powerful software system tailored to your needs.

Specializing in software for the embedded system and IoT objects, we are the co-pilots of your innovation projects

Customers of our expert embedded system and IoT company

Examples of embedded system and connected object projects

Embedded software experts for successful intelligent and connected devices

For more than 15 years, Witekio is dedicated to embedded software and to its customers success.

And we strongly believe that successful innovation today starts with software.

As a world class software system expert, we accompany your IoT and embedded devices projects from the hardware to the cloud. 

Witekio’s adventure started 15 years ago under the name Adeneo Embedded. We are a pioneer in complex connected embedded systems. Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level approach. We design, engineer and integrate intelligent systems software for any smart device from the hardware to the cloud.
We bring along a world class recognized technical expertise on both low (OS, driver, firmware) and high level software (application, connectivity, cloud).

This, associated with a usage knowledge on specific markets (medical and healthcare, automotive and navigation, industry and energy, mobility and handheld, connected devices) allows the best choices in technologies and software architecture for the best performance and security. We bring our added-value into architecture, design, expertise and development of all software layers for any embedded or IoT device.

Our passionate scalable team counts 100 developers, architects, consultants and experts always ready to work closely as your partners.

We help our customers to ensure the success of their embedded and intelligent devices projects and maximize their efficiency. We provide expertise and methods that enable flexible, scalable and mature system software integration.

Witekio has offices in Europe (Lyon – France, Paris – France, Bristol – UK, Frankfurt – Germany) and in the United States (Seattle – WA). Our aim is to build close relationships with our customers to bring the best service at the best pace.

We are :

  • Professionals: serving from day 1 the most demanding industries.
  • Makers: challengers, designers, developers, integrators
  • Addicts: technology and innovation are our passions
  • Centrics: focused on our customer, happy to bend over backwards for them.