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Our experts will take all your software challenges.

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You already have and run a smart device but you need to resolve a specific software issue or add a specific functionality?

Our team can help you quickly find specific software solutions.


Do you want to connect an existing device to bring added-value to your customers?

Nos solutions logicielles - Software problem solverConnect me 

 Witekio experts will help you:

  • Define your connected scenario
  • Analyze connectivity capability of your system
  • Identify relevant software architecture in just a few days
  • Connect me


Have you encountered a software issue in your industrialization phase?

You want to know how to maintain and update your system?

Nos solutions logicielles - Software problem solverSoftware Factory

Our software experts will help you:

  • Assess your existing processes and tools,
  • Define tools and methodologies to strengthen your software solution,
  • Provide a schedule with short-term actions and projects scaling to help you make decisions
  • Software Factory 


Do you need to update your device in the field and want to reduce the volume data transferred?

Are you wondering about potential security risks?

Nos solutions logicielles - Software problem solverSoftware Update 

This workshop with our experts allows your teal to obtain:

  • A diagnosis of your system’s requirements in terms of scalability, infrastructure, security, and uptime,
  • A recommendation on available solutions, open source and marketing.
  • Software update


How can I secure my system at a reasonable cost?

Nos solutions logicielles - Software problem solverSecurity Workshop

Identify your system’s security flaws, from hardware to the cloud.

  • Obtain recommendations from our experts as well as a priority list depending on the criticality of your activities.
  • Obtain a real short-term action plan to enhance the security of your embedded system or IoT device.
  • Security Workshop